17 November 2010

Beware of MsgViewer Pro Crack and Serial Gen downloads from Warez sites

Recently we learned of a supposed  "cracks" for some of our products, including Pst Viewer Pro, and MsgViewer Pro,   appearing on warez download websites.  Beware of these cracks!   They do not work, and we have confirmed that they are virus infected.

I know that's what you might expect a software publisher to say, but it is certainly true and we want to warn you. This happens to tens of thousand of software publishers each year. Criminals know that some people are looking for illegally "cracked" software, and they use this knowledge to infect computers with viruses and keyboard monitors.

Download a Free Trial of Pst Viewer Pro Direct from the Publisher.

Our team download and tested the purportedly cracked software (which actually is not MsgViewer Pro or Pst Viewer Pro), and found Trojan.Win32.Generic.pak!cobra, which is one of the most popular viruses in 2010, according to GFI. It infects both 32- and 64-bit Windows versions stealing the user's personal data.  Other viruses our team found were Trojan.Generic.KD.67255, and Trojan.DownLoad2.18121.

We are of course very upset that our software would be used as bait to infect a potential customer's computer, even though that user sought out illegal copies of our software.

We have sent notices to hosting sites to demand they remove the software. Because these Warez sites pop up as quickly as they are shut down, it is very difficult to make progress. So now we focus our efforts on warning you directly.

How does this happen? It seems that these criminals will acquire a list of software products, then autogenerate thousands of web pages based on the list,  hijacking  trademarks, intending for them to be indexed in search engines. People searching for links to cracked software or free license keys are at risk of being lured.  When they visit the warez website, they may be asked to pay $2 or some other small amount for the software, potentially handing their credit card information directly to the criminals.

When the user downloads and runs the software (which isn't actually MsgViewer Pro or Pst Viewer Pro at all),  nothing will appear to happen. At that point, the computer is infected.

We wanted to bring this to your attention because, a) we are disturbed that this is happening, b) we don't want anyone to be infected by a fake crack of our software (even if they are trying to steal our work), and c) we want to let you know that we have taken precautions to ensure that our website and CNET Download.com and Snapfiles.com are the only websites were  we directly monitor download our downloads.

If the search engines do their duty, hopefully this blog post will rise to the top of the "MsgViewer Pro crack" and "PST Viewer Crack" and "Encryptomatic Crack" search  results and others may be warned. 

01 November 2010

MessageExport,, maintenance release is now available.

MessageExport version 1.5.1 ME maintenance release is now available to current customers.  This release enhanceses the stability of MessageExport  when exporting large numbers of emails to PDF format. Current MessageExport customers with activated installations  have been sent the update.

Click here if you would like to download a free trial of MessageExport.

MessageExport is the add-on for Microsoft Outlook that improves Outlook's export capabilities. MessageExport can export Outlook emails to a variety of formats, while providing control over naming of the files. MessageExport is compatible with Symantec Enterprise Vault and Microsoft Sharepoint.

Issues addressed in this release:
- 0001315: [Fix] Crash with PDFCreator library
- 0001601: [Fix] Crash. Error in export. Parameter is not valid
- 0001355: [Fix] Crash while exporting specific message to pdf format
- 0001437: [Fix] Crash. Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004005 (E_FAIL)
- 0001615: [Fix] Some formatting is missed while exporting to pdf format
- 0001614: [Fix] Rotated attachment while exporting to 'convert/include to PDF' profile
- 0001475: [Fix] Not all attachments can be included to pdf file if user opens it too quickly after it is created
- 0001399: [Fix] OL14 sometimes does not save changes in MessageExport profile after restarting

22 October 2010

MessageViewer SDK (MVCOM) - 2.2.3 update released

Encryptomatic LLC today announced the release of MVCOM version (

The changelog for this version primarily contains updates of importantance to Visual Basic 6 users.

- 0001691: [Fix] '-2147467259 (80004005)' automation runtime error in vb6

- 0001711: [Fix] Printing name should include file name, not 'Text Document' name

MVCOM is the royalty-free, MAPI-Free email content component for software developers.

MVCOM lets developers access email content in their software application from Outlook .PST, .MSG, .EML, and Winmail.dat files, with no MAPI or Outlook dependency. For more information MVCOM, goto https://www.encryptomatic.com/mvcom/

14 October 2010

MsgViewer Lite (, viewer for .msg and .eml files, is released

Encryptomatic LLC is pleased to announce the availability of MsgViewer Lite version

The upgrade is available to existing customers as part of their annual maintenance and support program.
New users can download a trial of MsgViewer Lite from here.

The following items have been added or resolved in this release:
- 0001699: [Fix] Printing name should include file name, not 'Text Document' name
- 0001702: [Add] Added 'Plain text body' option for viewing messages.

- 0001700: [Add] Added additional command-line switches for printing

MsgViewer Lite is a simple and inexpensive solution to open .msg and .eml files? When you receive a .msg, .eml or winmail.dat TNEF file attachment, do you just want to click on it and have it open.
MsgViewer Lite is designed for simplicity. It allows for viewing either .msg or .eml RFC-822 email messages, without the need for Outlook, Windows Mail, MAPI, or Outlook Express.

Multiple instances of MsgViewer Lite can be open, letting you view many emails simultaneously.

For information on multiunit sales, please contact sales at encryptomatic.com

17 September 2010

PSTViewer Pro version ( Maintenance Release is now available.

Encryptomatic LLC announced today the release of PSTViewer Pro version ( maintenance release. PstViewer Pro is an advanced viewer for accessing PST, MSG and EML email content, without the requirement of MAPIand. PstViewer Pro provides search,  naming and export capabilities, including to PDF.

This release is recommended for all PstViewer PRo users, and is now available through the Product Upgrade feature in PstViewer Pro.

Change Log for this release:

- 0001361: [Fix] Impossible to open attached file with illegal character in the name
- 0001139: [Fix] Resolved issue where previous message may appear in full window view
- 0001244: [Fix] Added ability to send crash report to support with user's permission.
- 0001114: [Fix] Mail List now refreshes correctly after deleting file
- 0001577: [Fix] Error message resolved while working with pst file that includes ANSI
- 0001651: [Fix] Resolved intermittent crash while working with a specific pst file
- 0001080: [Fix] Messages from pst files can now be saved to msg format

- 0001276: [Add] Corrected pagination while exporting to pdf format
- 0001655: [Add] Unicode conversion speed improved

13 September 2010

MVCOM Maintenance Release is available.

Encryptomatic LLC today announced the release of MVCOM maintenance release. MVCOM is a COM component for software developers that provides access to .pst, .msg and .eml file content without dependencies on MAPI. Click here for more information about MVCOM component.

Change Log (MVCOM) - 2.2.2

- 0001334: [Fix] x64 platform performance fix

- 0001653: [Fix] Improvements to EML rendering

- 0001651: [Fix] Crash while working with specific pst file
- 0001657: [Add] New methods and property for navigation inside PST files and extract folder information : CollectDir, ChangeDir, Broker.CountDir

- 0001655: [Add] Unicode conversion speed up

- 0001654: [Add] Including CAB file to the installer package

- 0001656: [Internal] Remove dependency of 3rd party libraries

- 0001456: [Internal] Resolved intermitted issue with signature for IsLicense40

17 August 2010

MessageExport is a solution to PDFMaker 9 issue with Outlook 2010

MessageExport, the Microsoft(R) Outlook(R) export add-in by Encryptomatic LLC, is compatible with Outlook 2010 (32-bit). MessageExport will save your Outlook email to PDF, HTML, MHT, TXT, MBOX, and other formats.  MessageExport allows users to clip email file attachments within the PDF file, or in many cases, convert email attachments as images within the PDF file.

Lately we have been contacted by several customers searching for an alternative to PDFMaker 9, which is currently not compatible with Outlook 2010.  We invite PDFMaker users with Outlook 2010 to try MessageExport.  Download a free trial today.

22 July 2010

PstViewer Pro 4.1 maintenance update released

Encryptomatic LLC announced today the general release of PstViewer Pro 4.1.  PstViewer Pro is a Windows application for viewing, copying, converting, and managing Outlook PST files.

Version 4.1 improves PST read speed, and resolves issues reported by users. The upgrade is available to all current PstViewer Pro users through the automatic upgrade function.

People who have previously tried PstViewer and who would like to extend their software trial may do so by entering the following key into PstViewer Pro.


A trial of PstViewer Pro may be downloaded from this link.

PstViewer Pro is used by individuals, corporations and governmetns to manage PST files without the need for Outlook or MAPI.  PstViewer Pro has many advanced features, such as search, export to PDF with attachmented embedded, export to other formats, batch printing, multiple-PST management, and more.  PstViewer Pro can render even very complex Outlook rich text messages, including those containing embedded graphics, internet hosted objects, charts, SmartArt, and more. 

For more information PstViewer Pro visit http://encryptomatic.com/pstviewer/pstviewer.html

27 May 2010

MessageExport, update

MessageExport maintenance update has been released.
This build resolves an issue where not all images in an email were converted to a pdf document.

Current customers may download the update here.

Prospective customers may download a trial here.

MessageExport is a add-in for Microsoft Outlook. It enhances Outlook's email export capabilities to include PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX and many other formats. MessageExport can apply a custom naming scheme to exported email messages. It can export to SharePoint Server and retrieve email stored in Symantec Enterprise Vault. Click here to learn more information about MessageExport.

26 April 2010

Saving Outlook email attachments with MessageExport

Sarah wrote us this morning with a question about using MessageExport for extracting email file attachments from Outlook: "I have a folder containing hundreds of emails from a client, many of which have important attached files and documents. I want to copy all of the file attachments and save them to my flash drive. I don't want to export the email message, only the attachments. To do this manually would take me all morning. Can MessageExport do this? I didn't see an option like this in the MessageExport profiles."

Yes! MessageExport can copy file attachments from the selected message or messages. To do this, you will need to configure a custom action. This is not difficult, and can be done by simply modifying one of the existing export profiles, and giving it a new name.

Lets take you through it step by step.

Assuming MessageExport is installed on your computer, open Microsoft Outlook.
1. From the MessageExport drop down list, choose "Export to PDF - Attachments Saved to Disk"
2. Click MessageExport's "Open Profile Options" button, which is the "hammer and wrench" tool.
3. Change the Profile Name to "Export Attachments Only." We do this so that we don't overwrite the existing PDF profile that we are modifying.
Change "Export Target" either to "Select Files" or "Selected Folders." If you want to export multiple folders and all of their subfolders, then select "Selected Folders with Subfolders."
4. Change "Export Format" to "Don't Export Body." This tells MessageExport not to export the email message.
5. Change "Export Attachments" to "As File Attachments in Same Folder." This will copy all file attachments to a single folder.
6. Move to the "Output Folder" tab and select "Prompt User for Export Folder" if you want MessageExport to ask you where to put the files. If you always want to put the files in the same folder, then select "Predefined Folder" and tell MessageExport which folder to use.
7. Click "OK" to save your new profile.

Now lets try out our new profile.

Choose "Export Attachments Only" from the MessageExport drop down list.
Select the Outlook messages or folders that contain the file attachments we want to export.
Click on the MessageExport "Export" button (looks like a computer floppy disk), and off you go.

The ability to configure custom email export profiles is a powerful feature of MessageExport. Remember that any profile can be modified, and new profiles can be built to accommodate your specific needs and custom actions. If you don't see how to do it, you can ask the MessageExport support team by opening a help ticket at www.encryptomatic.com/osticket/

For more information on MessageExport for Microsoft Outlook, visit http://encryptomatic.com/messageexport/

23 April 2010

MessageExport version 1.5 is released

Encryptomatic LLC is pleased to announce the release of MessageExport for Outlook version 1.5. MessageExport enhances Outlook's email exporting and connection capabilities, allowing users to export email, file attachments in many different formats (including PDF, MHTL, HTML, Text, etc) to many different places (local or network drives) in many different ways (custom naming schemes for exported files, zip compression, encryption, attachments extracted, etc).

MessageExport includes integration with Sharepoint and Symantec Enterprise Vault, and is highly configurable by administrators to meet the filing and archiving needs of the organization.

In this update, Encryptomatic has responded to user requests for improved attachment handling processes. These enhancements were requested frequenetly from the legal profession. MessageExport 1.5 now includes the ability to export email file attachments as files within a PDF document, or to convert into part of the PDF image. Attachment export to PDF requires that the application be installed (for example, to export Word DOC file attachments, you must have Microsoft Office present on the computer).

Click here to learn more about MessageExport or to obtain a free trial.

Version 1.5 Change Log:
- 0000735: [Add] Export to the pdf format both as converted/included content and as embedded attachments in document
- 0001256: [Add] Add 'Export to PDF - attachments embedded' and 'Export to PDF - attachments conveted/included' profiles
- 0001310: [Add] Login to SharePoint with current Windows session credentials
- 0001084: [Add] Possibility to include email address from Exchange to the exported file name
- 0001153: [Fix] Index was out of range error
- 0001252: [Fix] Problem on WindowsXP with OL14 after exporting a specific message
- 0001274: [Fix] 'The given path's format is not supported' error
- 0001272: [Fix] System.InvalidOperationException
- 0001271: [Fix] System.IO.__Error.WinIOError

30 March 2010

OutDisk FTP 3.0 is released

Encryptomatic LLC is pleased to announce the availability of OutDisk FTP version 3.0.
This version combines the previously separate OutDisk versions for Windows (version 2.1) and Outlook (version 1.5) into a single package.

OutDisk FTP will integrate with Windows XP/Vista/7 desktop to allow users to easily upload files to their FTP server. Outlook users can install the OutDisk add-in, as well as use the desktop integration.

New features include the ability to automatically use OutDisk if file attachments exceed a predetermined size threshhold.

OutDisk is used by individuals and businesses to make it easy to share large files through email. OutDisk works with your current FTP service or webhost. There are no monthly fees to use OutDisk.

More information and a free trial is available at http://www.encryptomatic.com/outdisk

23 March 2010

MessageViewer Lite maintenance update is released

Encryptomatic LLC has released a maintenance update for MessageViewer Lite version, our easy to use .eml and .msg email file viewer.

This software update includes automatic notification of updates and download, removes the "splash screen," and includes enhancements to the products ability to render complexly formatted .msg and .eml files.

For more information on MessageViewer Lite .msg and .eml file viewer, please click here. A free 15 day trial is avaiable.

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