07 February 2020

MailDex 2020 is Updated

We have updated MailDex 2020 (v1.5) email manager and exporter.

This update resolves several issues discovered by our QA team.  It also includes a new feature, export email to XML.

Screen image showing location of email to xml export in MailDex.
Export Email to XML with MailDex
A screen shot of a xml file containing email content.
Email that has been converted to XML

Export to CSV has also been improved. Additional email data fields are now included during CSV export operations.

The full list of changes to MailDex 2020 include:
Feature: MDX-222    XML Export format added for data collection, CSV fields expanded

MDX-220    Margins not centered on output PDF
MDX-366    Export to CSV fails silently when overwriting file in use
MDX-367    CSV file may be malformed if there are multiple file attachments in a .msg file
MDX-368    Some email file attachment names may not be not exported to CSV
MDX-372    File may fail to convert during Single PDF export operation.

How to update MailDex

You can update MailDex from within the software by going to Help > Check for Updates.

Screen shot showing location of MailDex "Check for Updates".
Check for Updates

Alternatively, you can download the free trial and install it on your computer. The installer will detect if you have a licensed copy of MailDex, and will install the updates.

Screen image of MailDex, "Completing the MailDex 2020 Setup Wizard"e
Update MailDex 2020

05 February 2020

OutDisk SFTP 4.90.20 is released.

We have updated OutDisk secure FTP for Windows and OutDisk sftp add-in for Microsoft Office 
Outlook. Version 4.90.20 is now available for download from the OutDisk home page.

This is a minor release that resolves a few user reported issues around updating and activation reported.

OD-24 - Resolved OutDisk can not be activated
OD-25 - Revised current installer for a proper installation
OD-26 - Text: Remove Hosting URL from OutDisk Desktop app.
OutDisk Secure FTP is both a Windows desktop application and add-in for Microsoft Outlook. OutDisk lets you create a self-hosted service for uploading large files.  Because OutDisk SFTP is an application and not a service, users are responsible for providing their own hosting infrastructure. It is not recommended for people who are unfamiliar with web servers.
Secure FTP add-in for Outlook, screen shot.
OutDisk Secure FTP Add-in for Outlook
You can download a free 15 day trial of OutDisk secure FTP.