18 February 2013

PDF Postman for Outlook Update Available

The PDF Postman email encryption app for Microsoft Outlook has been updated. Version resolves a few small issues that improve stability with Outlook 2013, and a local encoding issue. Download the update from the PDF Postman product home page at https://www.encryptomatic.com/pdfpostman/

PDF Postman integrates tightly with Microsoft Outlook to make it easy to send and receive password encrypted PDF files using strong AES-256 bit encryption.  With PDF Postman, you can protect sensitive messages and even embed files inside the PDF which can be extracted by the recipient.

PDF Postman helps simplify Outlook email encryption, particularly for recipients. All that is required to receive an encrypted PDF file is one of the free viewers, like Adobe Reader or PDF X-Change viewer.  The recipient clicks the PDF file; the viewer recognizes it as an encrypted pdf file and prompts for the password. If the password is correct, the message and files inside the PDF are made available to the recipient. 

PDF viewers are available for virtually every platform, from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and Solaris.  With PDF Postman, no expensive or complex certificates are required.  Download a 15 free trial of PDF Postman.

08 February 2013

Pst Viewer Pro 4.8 Update Available

We have released an update to Pst Viewer Pro. We recommend this update to all customers. With version 4.8, Pst Viewer Pro is now a native 64-bit application when installed on a 64-bit Windows operating system, allowing it to access more RAM memory and improving speed.

Download the update here.

Pst Viewer Pro is now a 64-bit app for searching and exporting Outlook email messages.

- 64 bit PST Viewer Pro version installs automatically
- Easy selection for all messages in the list, "Select all" context menu item has been added
- "Connect with us" menu item
- New association icons
- Improved EML decoding
- Improved message enumeration indicator in the status bar

Issues Resolved:
- Fixed incorrect shortcut icons in the folder tree
- Removed VML artifacts from HTML message body (MSG, PST, OST files)
- Resolved subject cutting in Japanese for some EML files
- Fixed very small font size in PDF export
- Fix for error 'System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file DockLayouts.xml'
- Fix for error 'System.OutOfMemoryException' when reading messages
- MHT file icon is missing for 64-bit system
- Improved export to MBOX format, removed odd new line symbols
- Corrected exporting MSG file with MSG attachment to EML format with "noname" file attachments.