22 August 2018

3 Simple Ways to Open .EML Email Files

So you have some files with a .eml file extension and you are wondering how to open and search them?  There are different ways to do this. This article will walk you through a few Windows software tools you can use to manage .eml files.

What is a .eml file?
They are individual email files, usually in text format although they can include html.  They conform to a published standard (RFC-822). Most email applications like Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook or Lotus notes can open .eml files.

Simple Way to Open .EML Files #1

If you only have a few .eml files, you don't need to install any software on your computer. Just use our free online email viewer, which uses the same email parsing engine that we use in our desktop software. Upload the .eml file and it will be displayed in your web browser.   You will be able to download any file attachments to your computer.  

Your email message is not retained, and is permanently destroyed when your session ends.  We have provided this service free for five years, and it is used each day by thousands of people.