30 March 2010

OutDisk FTP 3.0 is released

Encryptomatic LLC is pleased to announce the availability of OutDisk FTP version 3.0.
This version combines the previously separate OutDisk versions for Windows (version 2.1) and Outlook (version 1.5) into a single package.

OutDisk FTP will integrate with Windows XP/Vista/7 desktop to allow users to easily upload files to their FTP server. Outlook users can install the OutDisk add-in, as well as use the desktop integration.

New features include the ability to automatically use OutDisk if file attachments exceed a predetermined size threshhold.

OutDisk is used by individuals and businesses to make it easy to share large files through email. OutDisk works with your current FTP service or webhost. There are no monthly fees to use OutDisk.

More information and a free trial is available at http://www.encryptomatic.com/outdisk

23 March 2010

MessageViewer Lite maintenance update is released

Encryptomatic LLC has released a maintenance update for MessageViewer Lite version, our easy to use .eml and .msg email file viewer.

This software update includes automatic notification of updates and download, removes the "splash screen," and includes enhancements to the products ability to render complexly formatted .msg and .eml files.

For more information on MessageViewer Lite .msg and .eml file viewer, please click here. A free 15 day trial is avaiable.

Welcome to the Encryptomatic LLC product blog

Welcome to Encryptomatic LLC's new product and information blog. We've started this weblog to keep you updated on product updates and important news from our company.

We will post information about new product releases for MessageLock email encryption, OutDisk FTP for outlook, MsgViewer Pro and Lite, MVCOM email type library, the forthcoming PST Viewer Pro, and other products.

After a second corrupt database on our B2Evolution system that cost us two years of posts, we decided to move over to Blogger, and let them worry about the headaches of backend management.