22 October 2010

MessageViewer SDK (MVCOM) - 2.2.3 update released

Encryptomatic LLC today announced the release of MVCOM version (

The changelog for this version primarily contains updates of importantance to Visual Basic 6 users.

- 0001691: [Fix] '-2147467259 (80004005)' automation runtime error in vb6

- 0001711: [Fix] Printing name should include file name, not 'Text Document' name

MVCOM is the royalty-free, MAPI-Free email content component for software developers.

MVCOM lets developers access email content in their software application from Outlook .PST, .MSG, .EML, and Winmail.dat files, with no MAPI or Outlook dependency. For more information MVCOM, goto https://www.encryptomatic.com/mvcom/

14 October 2010

MsgViewer Lite (, viewer for .msg and .eml files, is released

Encryptomatic LLC is pleased to announce the availability of MsgViewer Lite version

The upgrade is available to existing customers as part of their annual maintenance and support program.
New users can download a trial of MsgViewer Lite from here.

The following items have been added or resolved in this release:
- 0001699: [Fix] Printing name should include file name, not 'Text Document' name
- 0001702: [Add] Added 'Plain text body' option for viewing messages.

- 0001700: [Add] Added additional command-line switches for printing

MsgViewer Lite is a simple and inexpensive solution to open .msg and .eml files? When you receive a .msg, .eml or winmail.dat TNEF file attachment, do you just want to click on it and have it open.
MsgViewer Lite is designed for simplicity. It allows for viewing either .msg or .eml RFC-822 email messages, without the need for Outlook, Windows Mail, MAPI, or Outlook Express.

Multiple instances of MsgViewer Lite can be open, letting you view many emails simultaneously.

For information on multiunit sales, please contact sales at encryptomatic.com