15 July 2015

OutDisk FTP add-in for Microsoft Outlook is Updated.

We have updated OutDisk FTP add-in for Microsoft Outlook. Version 4.62.15 of OutDisk FTP is available for download from the OutDisk product home page.

OutDisk is an add-in that integrates file upload capability directly into Microsoft Outlook.  With OutDisk, IT professionals can create an in-house file transfer service using their own servers, making it easy for non-technical users to send file attachments in Outlook e-mails.  To use OutDisk FTP, just attach files to an Outlook e-mail as normal, and send the email message. Files exceeding a pre-set size can be automatically uploaded to your company FTP server, and a link inserted into the e-mail. Recipient's can download the file through their web browser, bypassing strict email server file size limits.

This release of OutDisk adds some new features and resolves some bugs.
- 0001674: [Add] License release option 
- 0004253: [Fix] Zip file is created instead of self-extracting archive 
- 0002775: [Add] Improvements for registration system 
- 0004593: [Fix] Exception in add-in preferences

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