27 August 2013

Message Viewer Lite email viewer updated to version 4.5.4

MessageViewer Lite, the simple email viewer for opening .msg, .eml and winmail.dat email files, has been updated. Version 4.5.4 is now available. Current customer may update through their software, or download the latest version from the MessageViewer Lite web page. 

Read .msg files with MessageViewer Lite. Image shows the main screen.
MessageViewer Lite 4.5

This is a recommended, but not required update for MessageViewer Lite.

Here's the full change log of improvements and enhancements:

Version - 4.5.4
- Fix slow start-up
- EML reader fix (resolved the "message without body" formatting error)
- Resolved a bug that might cause some email attachments to not be displayed
- Improved encoding detection for MSG files
- Resolved a command line print issue
- Resolved an issue that may cause MSG body to not be displayed in rare cases
- Added code to compensate for initial whitespaces found in Gmail .EML files
- Added ability to run on Win8 with default .NET 4.5 framework. Easier installs.
- Improved file attachment parsing