28 April 2021

Encryptomatic OpenPGP is updated for Microsoft Outlook and Windows Desktop.

We have released a major update of Encryptomatic OpenPGP (EOPGP) for Microsoft Outlook and Windows 10 desktop.  If you are already using EOPGP, the update is available through the software notification service.  The software can be downloaded and installed from the Encryptomatic OpenPGP home page.

Encryptomatic OpenPGP is an Windows software product that simplifies the installation and use of OpenPGP encryption.  It is provided free for personal, non-profit, activist, and news reporter users. 

We believe in your right to privacy and to protect your data. While this project is not a money maker for our core for-profit software business, we support your right to protect your data from hackers and your Article Twelve right to privacy. We pay a talented and experienced software developer to regularly maintain, enhance and support Encryptomatic OpenPGP, and so we ask commercial business/government users to help fund this project by purchasing an affordable annual license.

Through the Windows right-click context menu, you can use it to easily encrypt desktop files.   


Screen image showing Encryptomatic OpenPGP in use on Windows 10 desktop.

For Microsoft Office Outlook users,  the add-in makes OpenPGP email encryption easy to use.

OpenPGP add-in installed in MS Outlook 2019 menu.


Encryptomatic OpenPGP can generate strong key pairs,  and share keys to open key servers.

OpenPGP key generation menu.

Public key share menu.

Other features include:

  • Passphrase unlock time
  • Checking for updates
  • Key server refresh
  • Add favorite key servers
  • Configuration of rules around encrypting based on domains
  • Always encrypt or always sign every email
  • Configure email validation warnings
  • Add or remove email addresses for a key
  • Change passphrase
  • Revoke keys
  • Import public keys from file, clipboard or key server
  • Import other private keys

Since there are important updates and enhancements to Encryptomatic OpenPGP, this update is strongly recommended for all users.

Although not required, you may wish to generate new public/private key pairs to improve import compatibility with OpenKey Chain and Protonmail(tm).

Here is a list of enhancements and fixes included in this update.  The issue tracking number is included for those who worked with our development team or reported certain issues.

EPGP-335 Encryption subkey doesn't have key flags set and it can not be used in some 3rd party apps
EPGP-334 EOPGP RSA master key is sign-only
EPGP-333 Center export keys to file dialog to screen / parent
EPGP-332 Resolved issue with key generation using RSA3072 for master key and RSA3072 for the sub key
EPGP-331 Current message going out unencrypted when "Always encrypt" option is enabled from options window activated from current message inspector
EPGP-329 Resolved an unhandled error when sending signed and encrypted message when there is no senders key
EPGP-281 Resolved issue were RSA keys may not work in OpenKeychain. This was also tested with Protonmail(TM).
EPGP-229 Resolved "Message is changed" warning comes while sending keys in email
EPGP-228 "Message is changed" is coming when sending keys in email (resolved in 229
EPGP-167 Unencrypted copy of message remained in Outlook Draft folder if wrong passphrase or no passphrase was entered.
EPGP-79 Reply and reply all popping out in back

EPGP-330 Resolved a specific issue where EOPGP was unable to decrypt  (Pending confirmation from the affected user).
EPGP-328  Resolved add-in not loading. Certificate of signed and load at startup COM Add-in is not in the trusted source list.
EPGP-304 Add the ability to associate a name to the key. 

EPGP-220 Allow User to Adjust Key Server Window Size (Done)
EPGP-28 Unhandled error in Key(s) Not Found area (Done)
EPGP-337 Present EOPGP version instead of BCPG (Done)


Information about installing/uninstalling Encryptomatic OpenPGP.

Software EULA.   Privacy Policy.




19 April 2021

PstViewer Pro 2021 version 9.0 is Released.

 PstViewer Pro 2021 has been released. This is a major update to our popular email viewer and converter.  With PstViewer Pro 2021 (version 9), major improvements have been made to the speed of exporting email to PDF documents.

PstViewer Pro 2021 main screen.

PstViewer Pro is an email viewer for opening Outlook .pst/.ost/.msg/winmail.dat email files, as wells .eml and .mbox email files.  PstViewer Pro can be used to search for email messages, and to export email messages either individually or in bulk to pdf, gif, tif, docx, csv, xls and many other formats.

Screen image showing PstViewer Pro export menu.

A free trial of PstViewer Pro can be downloaded from the product home page.

For assistance in installing or uninstalling the software, contact Encryptomatic Support.

Improvements in PstViewer Pro 2021:

Software improvements and resolved issues in this major release are shown below. We have retained some of the issue numbers, in case you were tracking a specific issue.

- Single PDF export Imaged and Embedded restriction implemented with a warning if too many emails are embedded.

- Individual PDF export performance significantly improved

- ISO/A conversion performance has been enhanced

-  A issue in Mail Actions has been resolved. (PVP8-401)

- An issue with html links is resolved. (PVP8-408)

- Favorites tab has been enhanced (PVP8-403)

- Excel files convert in Single PDF exports is improved (PVP8-368/PVP8-378)

- UI issue for selected items is fixed (PVP8-399)

- Single Docx file restriction implemented to prevent performance issues.

- Single PDF conversion with MBOX is resolved. (PVP8-380) Restriction applies to this fix as well.

- Resolved issue where non-convertible attachments were sometimes not embedded on the output PDF (PVP8-396)

- UI Bug for the side pane (minor) PVP8-410

- Long build up time for Single Docx files (PVP8-414)

- Predefine/detect last email exported with the Single PDF restriction and move highlight to that email or auto batch convert the next 1000 emails from the last exported (PVP8-415)

- Adjust the profile naming schema for Folder tree PDF and copy (PVP8-412)

05 March 2021

MailDex 2021 v. 1.5 is Released.

MailDex® by Encryptomatic® LLC is a Windows® software application for indexing, discovering and converting email messages. MailDex works with many email formats, including Outlook .pst, .ost, and .msg files, and .eml, .mbox, winmail.dat, and .mht files.  With MailDex, you can find important emails hidden among millions. Our customers use MailDex to organize, find, archive, and discover important email content.

We have released MailDex 2021 version 1.5.  Nearly 20 improvements and fixes are included in this update, and it is recommended for all users.

Some of the updates include:

  • Better indexing functionality, including, restarting and re-indexing.
  • Faster indexing
  • Resolved several user reported bugs
  • Included several user reported usability suggestions
  • Improved search functionality and speed
  • Improved the indexing project tree
  • Fixed an issue with PDF export
  • Fixed an issue where export may fail without a message
  • Fixed an issue while trying to use a file already in use by MS Outlook
  • Expanded default search to all email fields.

Current MailDex users can update through the MailDex software.  MailDex 2021 v1.5 can also be downloaded from the MailDex homepage.

14 February 2021

Announcing Our Relocation


As part of our domestication from Minnesota to North Dakota, we have a relocated our corporate headquarters. Same great people, just a different physical address and phone number.

Encryptomatic LLC
1630 1st Ave. North
Suite B-8
Fargo, ND 58102

Our general email box is: SupportLine@Encryptomatic.com

Our new telephone number is: +1-(701) 566-6731

Our EIN remains the same.

09 February 2021

Encryptomatic® OpenPGP 2.7.7 Email Encryption Add-in for Microsoft Outlook is now available.


Today we released Encryptomatic® OpenPGP  (EOPGP) version 2.7.7, our OpenPGP  encryption software for Microsoft Windows 10 desktop and Microsoft Office Outlook.

Due to the nature and number of enhancements in this release, it is recommended for all users. Please update your software.

Encryptomatic OpenPGP is an add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook that integrates with the Outlook menu system, and allows you to determine default settings as to how it interacts with your mail workflow.   

OpenPGP for MS Windows Desktop

Encryptomatic OpenPGP also works with the Microsoft Windows 10 desktop through the right-click context menu.  

Screen image of Encryptomatic OpenPGP Windows context menu.

Encryptomatic OpenPGP is professionally developed and supported.  It remains free for most users, including activists, independent professional journalists, individuals and non-profit organizations. For business users, we ask that if our work is useful and valuable to you, please help us to continue focusing a developer on this product by purchasing an affordable annual license

This update includes some new features:

[EPGP-294] - Have the option to associate extension .pgp to open files with double click

[EPGP-295] - Offer the option to compress multiple files/folders then encrypt

[EPGP-298] - Ability to encrypt text from a notepad and paste to the body of an email

Enhancements in this update include:

[EPGP-302] - Compatibility with Hubspot CRM tracking.

[EPGP-310] - improved file type association with Outlook attachments containing the .pgp file type.

For this release, we took extra time to focus on more than 20 user reported improvement suggestions and bugs. Thank you for your reports and collaboration. We take all reports very seriously, and we remain focused on our goal of making EOPGP the most stable, secure, easiest-to-use OpenPGP system for Windows and Outlook.  

Resolved tracked issues include:

[EPGP-303] - Fails to change expiration date if one has not previously been specified.

[EPGP-306] - Fixed an error when sending with atstachments (not signed)

[EPGP-308] - Newly configured / deleted account not visible in key generation dialog

[EPGP-309] - Incomplete deciphering of Encrypted/Signed Messages with certain circumstances.

[EPGP-311] - Improved copatibility with forward/reply/reply when multiple Outlook accounts have been configured.

[EPGP-312] - Providing the wrong passphrase while changing expiration date may crash Outlook

[EPGP-313] - EOPGP might failto change expiration date when there are multiple user ids on the key

[EPGP-314] - Managing user ids for a key, from Windows app may throw an unhandled exception

[EPGP-315] - Key details form can now be resized to hide buttons.

[EPGP-316] - Key management table doesn't preserve  the order of items and selected item after actions that refresh the list

[EPGP-317] - "Send to email" context menu item may cause an unhandled exception (Windows app only)

[EPGP-318] - Revoke and Create revocation certificate actions may cause error (Winapp only)

[EPGP-319] - Deleting a key may cause an unhandled error (winapp yes/ addin maybe)

[EPGP-320] - Generated revocation cert had a double .asc extension

[EPGP-321] - Decryption failed attempt leaves .DEC file behind

[EPGP-322] - EOPGP WinApp icon duplicates when opening multiple files.

[EPGP-324] - Error shown when clicking on NO for email address without a key

[EPGP-296] - Icon missing when Outlook is resized to small view state

[EPGP-297] - EOPGP unable to retrieve keys from FlowCrypt server is resolved.

Support for Encryptomatic OpenPGP is available through our ticket tracking system, or by email.