22 February 2024

MailDex Update 24.53: Export Email to PST Files

Encryptomatic LLC today announced the general availability of MailDex 24 Email Manager. This is a major release and is recommended for all customers. 

MailDex 2024 is a Windows desktop application for managing email messages across different mail formats, including Outlook PST, OST, OLM, MSG and MBOX, EML files.  This release includes a new capability to export emails into a PST file.  This email to PST export function is performed by selecting email messages within MailDex, and then using the "Export to PST" function on the Export tab.

Email to PST export requires the presence of Microsoft Outlook. Any customer with Outlook installed on their computer will be able to use the MailDex export-to-PST function.

Learn more about MailDex and download the update, or obtain a 15 day free trial, from the MailDex home page.

11 January 2024

MailDex.Lib, a powerful .NET Standard Library designed for software developers working Outlook PST, OST, and OLM files, is now available in NuGet

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FARGO, ND, USA, January 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Encryptomatic LLC has announced the availability of MailDex.Lib, a powerful .NET Standard Library designed for software developers working with volumes of emails. Now available on NuGet.org, MailDex.Lib simplifies the process of reading and parsing Outlook PST, OST, and OLM files.

MailDex.Lib is a crucial addition to the toolkit of .NET developers, offering seamless access to email messages, contacts, tasks, and appointments, and giving access to file attachments and meta data. The library's standout feature is its Message class, serving as the foundation for other essential item types. Subclasses such as Appointments, Contacts, and Tasks extend the versatility of the library, ensuring developers have the flexibility needed to make their software project a success.

The ReadMessages method, a core component of MailDex.Lib, returns all items as Message class instances. For scenarios where the message class is other than IPMNote, developers can leverage the As(Appointment/Task/Contact) methods to obtain the message as an Appointment, Task, or Contact class instance. Furthermore, dedicated methods like ReadAppointments, ReadTasks, and ReadContacts ensure precise retrieval of specific item types.

"MailDex.Lib is a game-changer for .NET developers working with email," said Darren Leno, President at Encryptomatic LLC. "We recognized the need for a single robust and efficient email parsing library, and MailDex.Lib delivers on that need with the features software developers need. It streamlines the process of working with Outlook PST, OST, and OLM files, providing developers with a tool that is both versatile and easy to use."

MailDex.Lib was tested for more than a year in Encryptomatic LLC's popular MailDex email viewer/converter Windows software, and powers several of the company's other retail email management products.

Key Features of MailDex.Lib:

Simplified Reading: Easily access email messages, contacts, tasks, and appointments.
Message Class: A robust base class for other item types, offering a foundation for developers.
Subclasses for Flexibility: Appointments, Contacts, and Tasks extend the versatility of the library.
Intuitive Methods: ReadMessages, As(Appointment/Task/Contact), and dedicated Read methods for specific item types.
MailDex.Lib is available now on NuGet.org. More information about the library can be found on the official project website at www.encryptomatic.com/maildex/lib

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