07 May 2012

MessageViewer Lite 4.0 email viewer released

Today we released version 4 of MessageViewer Lite, the simple viewer for .msg, .eml and winmail.dat files.  MessageViewer Lite is designed for occasional viewing of email files.

This update includes a new version of the MVCOM email parsing component, able to handle wider range of non-standard email formatting issues, and small bug fixes.

For more information, please visit the MessageViewer Lite home page.

02 May 2012

Lockbin launches online email encryption service

Lockbin.com is a website owned by Encryptomatic LLC since about 2008. We've run the site as an experiment for several years, providing an infrastructure for those wanting to share messages online, securely. Lockbin has been used by people all over the world as a secure message locker.  Lockbin does not hold your keys (your do) so that your messages are always secure.

A new version of the Lockbin software launched recently, providing even more security and ease of use. The service is still free, just as it has always been, although Lockbin has added a new tier of services for subscribers who need more.

For more information on Lockbin, or to try it free, just follow this link: email encryption service.

01 May 2012

EULA Update

Encryptomatic LLC has updated its product End User License Agreement.
This agreement will cover all products. 
Details may be found here.