03 November 2017

MessageLock Development is Ending.

MessageLock is an email encryption add-in for Microsoft Outlook . It is the product that launched our company over a decade ago. So it's with some sadness that we announce that we have decided to stop development on MessageLock, and that we will be ending support after 2018.

If you are still using MessageLock, we encourage you to consider moving to the free Lockbin add-in for Outlook. Lockbin makes it easy to communicate securely with anyone.  You can get a free Lockbin account now and decide later if the additional premium services are worth a $4.95/mo subscription.

You can download the free Lockbin add-in for Outlook directly from https://lockbin.com

Why are we ending MessageLock development?
When it was launched 12 years ago, MessageLock made email encryption easier for thousands of Microsoft Outlook users.

Demand for MessageLock has not kept pace with other products that we offer, including an Outlook add-in for OpenPGP, Lockbin, and PDF Postman.  The frequency of Microsoft Office updates have made it impractical to continue supporting MessageLock, given the demand.

Will MessageLock stop working?
No, your copy of MessageLock will continue to work, but it will not be supported on upcoming versions of Microsoft Office Outlook

Is Lockbin.com the only option?
While Lockbin is a great option for communicating securely and has an excellent add-in for Outlook, at a customer's request, we will gladly transfer MessageLock licenses to our other products at no charge, including:

Encryptomatic OpenPGP add-in for Outlook:  www.encryptomatic.com/openpgp

PDF Postman add-in for Outlook: www.encryptomatic.com/pdfpostman

If you have you any questions or suggestions for how we can make your transition from MessageLock easier, please contact us.