18 September 2019

Re-Introducing PstViewer Lite Outlook Email Viewer


PstViewer Lite is the little brother of our PstViewer Pro email viewer.  At Encryptomatic LLC, we haven't paid much attention to PstViewer Lite lately. It's one of those rock solid products that performs well and hasn't demanded much attention from our support or development staff. That is about to change, however.

We are presently working to update PstViewer Lite to the most advanced version of our MVCOM email rendering engine.  This will keep PstViewer Lite performing well into the foreseeable future.  The impending update of PstViewer Lite seems like a good reason for us to re-introduce this workhorse Windows software product.

PstViewer Lite was first released a decade ago to fill a market need for a budget priced, well supported Microsoft Outlook email viewer.  You can associate PstViewer Lite with many different email file types, including .Msg, .Eml, .Mbox, .Pst, .Pst and even .MHT and .MHTML files.

Associations can be changed any time, but typically is set during the initial installation of PstViewer Lite.

Software screen shot showing selectable boxes for email file formats.
Associate PstViewer Lite with different email file types.

 PstViewer Lite is simple to use. Just locate the folder that holds the email file(s), and PstViewer Lite will read the individual mails into an organized list.  To preview an email in the viewing pane, just click on it.

View Outlook emails in the viewing pane of PstViewer Lite.
Click on an email to preview in the viewing pane.

To investigate the email message further, double click to open it in a full window.

Software screen shot of a html email in full window view, showing an image of a buffalo.
An HTML email rendered in a full window.
PstViewer Lite's important functions are quickly assessible from the main menu, including Reply, Forward, Print, Search and PDF

PstViewer Lite main menu

Email Search

PstViewer Lite has advanced search capabilities.  Use it to search a ost, pst or mbox file, as well as directories full of .msg and .eml emails.  Clicking on the search icon brings up a quick text search option. A more advanced search option is available to allow you to search for emails by mixing criteria such as sender, setting start and end calendar date for the search, searching specific email fields such as subject, sender, recipient and more.

Software screen shot showing searchable fields.
Email Advanced Search Function

Email to PDF 

PstViewer Lite can convert an email message to a PDF document.  This is the main difference between PstViewer Lite and Pro.  Where PstViewer Pro can export thousands of emails to PDF, PstViewer Lite will export individual selected emails to PDF.  The results are impressive.

To convert an email to PDF, first select an email from the PstViewer Lite email list. Next, click the PDF icon in the toolbar, and finally choose a place to save the PDF file.

Image of a PDF file created from a html .msg Outlook email with PstViewer Lite, showing a buffalo.
An email converted to PDF with PstViewer Lite

Thanks for taking a hard look at PstViewer Lite. You can download the free trial or purchase an affordable license on the product's software home page, www.encryptomatic.com/pstviewer/lite/

Anyone purchasing the product today will receive the software update next month.  If you have any questions, please post them here or call us!  1-651-815-4902 x2.