19 August 2019

Email Search Visualization Graphs and Charts Now in MailDex 2019

Search Results Visualization: shows different charts and graphics produced from an email search using MailDex.
Visual Your Email Search Results

The latest update to MailDex 2019 email management and conversion system now includes the ability to visual email search searches.  The MailDex team is happy to bring this advanced functionality to our customers, which has previously been the domain of expensive email discovery service providers.

MailDex 2019 creates a searchable index of your email content.  Indices are project based, and you can create as many email indexing projects as necessary.  Projects can be created and disposed of according to your needs.  Deleting a project does not delete the email content, just the email indices.

MailDex 2019 is useful for archiving and discovering email content.  At $129.99 per license, MailDex provides high email content management features at a competitive price point.

Searching Email

MailDex provides two search methods.  With MailDex Simple Search, simply enter a single search term. MailDex will create a list of all emails in the index that contain that term.

MailDex's Advanced Search allows you to create complex search results using regex terms.
Advanced search lets you build and store searches that contain multiple terms,  as well as excluding other terms. Advance search can search a specific date range.

Advanced Search form in MailDex. Screen image shows functions for creating an advanced email search that includes multiple match criteria.

MailDex 2019 Advanced Email Search.

Free Trial

This MailDex 2019 update is available to all MailDex users by updating through the MailDex software update system.

A 15 day free trial of MailDex 2019 can be downloaded from the product home page at Encryptomatic.com/MailDex/Download

No credit card or personal information is required to run the MailDex free trial.
The free trial may be converted into the full version by purchasing a license activation code.
Software licenses for MailDex are perpetual.
MailDex 2019 requires Windows 10, 2 GHZ processor, 2 GB disk space, and 4 GB RAM (more is better).