05 December 2019

An update for MailDex 2020 email manager is now available.

Encryptomatic LLC has released an update to their MailDex 2020 email management and conversion software.  Version 1.4.6 is an update that is recommended  for all customers. It solves several user reported issues and includes the latest performance and user interface improvements.

This update is available to all customers with a current MailDex support and update contract.   To update within MailDex, go to Help > Update Software.

The issues resolved include:
MDX228 & MDX119: The message count was incorrect for MBOX formatted emails
MDX346: A crash may occur when a certain column is maximized
MDX347: Index process sometimes became unresponsive with MBOX
MDX348: Improved single PDF conversion performance for MBOX files
MDX349: Now handles corrupted attachment names for MBOX files
MDX345: Advanced Search was relocated for improved ease of use

Screen image showing the location of email Advanced Search in MailDex software.
Location of Email Advanced Search

MailDex by Encryptomatic LLC is an advanced Windows software tool for indexing, searching and converting multiple email formats.  Use MailDex to create a searchable index of millions of email messages.  MailDex supports Outlook pst, ost, msg, as well as mht, mbox, and eml email files.

Get a free 15 day trial of MailDex on the official MailDex product home page.