03 June 2011

Licensing for MessageLock email encryption add-in for Outlook, explained

In our attempt to be flexible, we have managed to confuse some people regarding MessageLock licensing. Sorry about that. We will try to clear this up.

The current licensing for MessageLock is divided into home users and business users. A user is simply a person.

Which am I? A home or business user?

You are a home user if you are using MessageLock on a computer that you own, and not using it primarily to secure business related communications.

You are a business user if you are using MessageLock on a computer that is company owned, or if you will use MessageLock primarily while conducting business communications in the course of performing your job.

How many computers can I install MessageLock on?

A home user can install MessageLock on one computer.

A business user can install MessageLock on up to 3 computers, such as a laptop, an office desktop computer, and a home computer.

Why is a business user more expensive than  a home user?

We want to make email encryption accessible for personal use. However, we have also tried to add more value to justify the higher price for a business user.  While a home user is limited to a single computer, a business user can install the software on up to three computers that he or she uses.