23 April 2010

MessageExport version 1.5 is released

Encryptomatic LLC is pleased to announce the release of MessageExport for Outlook version 1.5. MessageExport enhances Outlook's email exporting and connection capabilities, allowing users to export email, file attachments in many different formats (including PDF, MHTL, HTML, Text, etc) to many different places (local or network drives) in many different ways (custom naming schemes for exported files, zip compression, encryption, attachments extracted, etc).

MessageExport includes integration with Sharepoint and Symantec Enterprise Vault, and is highly configurable by administrators to meet the filing and archiving needs of the organization.

In this update, Encryptomatic has responded to user requests for improved attachment handling processes. These enhancements were requested frequenetly from the legal profession. MessageExport 1.5 now includes the ability to export email file attachments as files within a PDF document, or to convert into part of the PDF image. Attachment export to PDF requires that the application be installed (for example, to export Word DOC file attachments, you must have Microsoft Office present on the computer).

Click here to learn more about MessageExport or to obtain a free trial.

Version 1.5 Change Log:
- 0000735: [Add] Export to the pdf format both as converted/included content and as embedded attachments in document
- 0001256: [Add] Add 'Export to PDF - attachments embedded' and 'Export to PDF - attachments conveted/included' profiles
- 0001310: [Add] Login to SharePoint with current Windows session credentials
- 0001084: [Add] Possibility to include email address from Exchange to the exported file name
- 0001153: [Fix] Index was out of range error
- 0001252: [Fix] Problem on WindowsXP with OL14 after exporting a specific message
- 0001274: [Fix] 'The given path's format is not supported' error
- 0001272: [Fix] System.InvalidOperationException
- 0001271: [Fix] System.IO.__Error.WinIOError

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