27 March 2018

Introducing MailDex Email Management System

Very are pleased today to announce the latest product from Encryptomatic LLC.

MailDex 2018 is a powerful email archiving/conversion system. Whether managing thousands or millions email messages, MailDex will let you find that important 'needle in a haystack' email.

MailDex logo.
MailDex for email archiving, conversion and search.
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MailDex™ by Encryptomatic® LLC is a Windows software tool for indexing, discovering and converting emails. MailDex works across many different email formats, including Outlook .pst, .ost, and .msg files, and .eml, .mbox, winmail.dat, and .mht files.

MailDex is project driven, so for example, a law firm performing discovery on multiple cases can establish two different projects, preventing the content from mingling, Create an unlimited number of projects. Each project can index an unlimited number of emails. 

Search across one project, or search all of your projects. Email files within a project, or an entire project may be removed from your MailDex index at any time.

Learn more and get a free trail at https://www.encryptomatic.com/maildex/