28 September 2018

Request Information from Others Securely with Lockbin Add-in for MS Outlook

Lockbin.com is a service from Encryptomatic LLC. It helps professionals communicate securely with patients, clients and customers.

It's used for sending and receiving secure messages. Lockbin can be accessed online at Lockbin.com.

Other ways to access Lockbin are through a desktop computer using the Java app, from an Android device using the Lockbin app in Google Play,  or from Microsoft Outlook using the Lockbin add-in. All of these products can be found at Lockbin.com  They are free for Lockbin users.

Sometimes, a client needs to send important information directly to a professional. It might be tax documents for a CPA, a social security number for the HR department, a photo of a wound for a doctor... whatever it is, it is something that needs to be sent privately, in confidence, and over a secure encrypted connection.

A useful feature in Lockbin for this purpose is the "Information Request" button. It generates a secure webform and sends it to the client.  Anything uploaded or entered into this web form is sent directly back to the professional over a secure, encrypted connection.

Lockbin Add-in for Outlook
The process for sending the Information Request for Outlook users who have installed the Lockbin add-in only involves a couple of clicks.

First, choose the "Send Request" button.

Next, type the email address of the person who needs to send the information and a short description that will appear on the web form.

Finally, choose whether you want Lockbin to email the link, or if you prefer to send it yourself, maybe in an email or SMS text.

When the recipient follows the link, they are taken to a form that is dynamically generated based on your specific request to this user.

Lockbin Information Request Form

Any information entered into this form will be sent directly to the Lockbin user. Outlook users will receive the information directly into their Outlook mailbox.

However, rest assured - even though the experience in Outlook is similar to receiving an email,  your client's private information has not been sent over email protocols.  The information travels directly from the Lockbin server to your Microsoft Outlook inbox, never through a mail server.

Lockbin simplifies complex encryption for small and mid-sized office professionals.  We invite you to try Lockbin free.

04 September 2018

MessageExport add-in update 4.0.164

MessageExport add-in for MS #Outlook 2016 has been updated. This release includes new requested features and a few bug fixes. 

MessageExport saves you time by automating bulk processing of email conversion tasks, such as converting to PDF, saving email to CSV, and many other things.

 Learn more and download a free 15 day trial.