19 July 2012

Introducing Pst Viewer Lite, our new Outlook .pst viewer

Encryptomatic LLC has released Pst Viewer Lite, a viewer for Outlook .pst, .msg and .ost files. It also lets you view .eml, .mht, .mhtml and winmail.dat files.

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Outlook .PST Viewer - Pst Viewer Lite

With Pst Viewer Lite, you can search, print and export email. Export formats include PDF with file attachment conversion, jpg, gif, tif, msg, txt, and others.

Pst Viewer Lite is very similar to it's big brother, Pst Viewer Pro. The main difference between the two is the quantity of email that they can export. If you won't be exporting thousands of emails, then Pst Viewer Lite may be a good choice for you. Click to compare our Outlook .pst viewers.

Download a free trial of Pst Viewer Lite.

12 July 2012

Export Outlook Email Automatically with MessageExport

MessageExport add-in for Outlook adds now adds a timer to Outlook that lets you export and convert email automatically.

Here's an article that shows how to use MessageExport to export all new emails in a specific Outlook folder to a text file, every five minutes. The same tactic will work to convert Outlook email to PDF or any of the other formats that MessageExport supports.


10 July 2012

Lockbin announces free add-in for Outlook email encryption

Our sister company, Lockbin.com, has released an add-in for Microsoft Outlook XP/2003/2007/2010.  The add-in lets you easily send a secure message to someone by typing that message in Outlook.
Screen shot of Lockbin Outlook add-in.
Lockbin Addin for Outlook, installed in Outlook 2010 toolbar.
To use the Lockbin add-in, open a new email message and click "Use Lockbin," then send your message.  Free users can send 1 email attachment up to 15 MB.  Premium users can send up to 20 file attachments with no pre-set size limit.

The message not sent by email, but rather via secure TLS/SSL to the Lockbin web service at Lockbin.com. There the message is encrypted and stored on the server for six months or until it is retrieved, or deleted by the sender.

Lockbin for Outlook will store passwords for frequently contacted recipients, as well as an unencrypted copy of the message locally.

A free or Premium Lockbin account is needed to use Lockbin for Outlook.   You can find a link to download the free add-in on Lockbin's Facebook page, or the Lockbin Blog.

Screen shot showing Lockbin settings page of Outlook add-in.
Lockbin Settings, where you can enter your Lockbin account information
For more information on Lockbin, visit https://Lockbin.com