24 February 2019

A Reputable Pst Viewer

In our marketing campaigns, we've noticed an increasing number of visitors finding our email viewing products after searching Google for the term "reputable .pst viewer."
For years, we've known that we have been competing for attention in a market that has been saturated with phony companies.  Through it all, we have stayed to the strategy of calling our products by our own name.

The less reputable developers seem to have a strategy that goes like this:  just create a bunch of disposable companies (it's cheap to form an LLC), compile the product under different names and logos, and flood the market, including software download sites. Instead of competing as one company in the marketplace (as we continue to do), these companies try to fool Google into thinking they are separate organizations. Too often, they succeed.

This kind of deceptive software marketing practice makes it very difficult for people shopping for email management products like our PstViewer Pro software (which other companies have started calling their products after to capitalize on our good name. After downloading essentially the same lesser products four or five times, shoppers understandably get frustrated.

Going forward, we hope this situation gets sorted.  Maybe Google's huge investment in AI will eventually allow them to weed out companies in it for a quick buck. We find it encouraging that Encryptomatic's products appear for searches as people struggle to find a reputable Pst Viewer product.

Meanwhile, we at Encryptomatic LLC will continue answering your phone call, just as we have since 2005. We'll reply to your support requests, answer your emails, chat with you live on our website. We won't put our products on the market under the names of disposable companies. We will continue to improve and update our products, and be A+ members of the Better Business Bureau.

Thank you for persisting in your search and finding your way to our company. We hope our products are a good fit for you. We will continue to work hard to be worthy of the effort you put in to find us, and the trust you have placed in us by purchasing our product.

Encryptomatic LLC, A+ member of Better Business Bureau
Encryptomatic LLC