07 January 2020

Sending Large Email File Attachments from Microsoft Outlook with OutDisk SFTP Add-in

Businesses have long struggled with email file attachments.  Large file attachments in email are likely to bounce, failing to be delivered to the recipient. When they do arrive, they put a strain on server inbox resources.  Email file attachments also present a security risk from virus phishing attempts, causing email administrators to quarantine or strip the file from the email message.

There are plenty of 3rd party services who will provide email file attachment hosting for a fee.  Storing data outside of the organization and depending on the security protocol of the 3rd party provider is a great solution for some companies, but for those who use Microsoft Outlook and want more control of outbound email data, there is OutDisk SFTP.

OutDisk SFTP is an add-in that integrates with Microsoft Outlook 365/2019/2016/2013/2010. When an a sender attaches a file of any size to an email, OutDisk SFTP processes it without any additional requirement being placed on the sender.

In  seamless operation, OutDisk SFTP removes the attachment from the outbound email, uploads it over encrypted secure FTP to a company controlled server, and inserts a link and message into the email instructing the recipient to download the file.  Only the message and link are sent through email, while downloading the file occurs over secure TLS via https protocol.

OutDisk SFTP is free to try. If your organization needs an affordable and effective way to help your email users share files, while maintaining control on company servers,  try OutDisk SFTP.

OutDisk SFTP add-in installed in MS Outlook 365 menu system.
OutDisk can be manually activated, or automatically activated whenever an email file attachment is added to an email.

OutDisk SFTP Windows desktop application screen shot.
OutDisk also works from the Windows desktop. Outlook isn't required to use OutDisk SFTP.

Location of OutDisk SFTP Settings button and connection properties.
OutDisk SFTP Settings and connection properties.

Screen image showing how to change the default OutDisk SFTP message that is inserted into email.
The email default text inserted by OutDisk SFTP may be customized.

Screen image showing how to setup your SFTP server in OutDisk.
Configuring your SFTP server settings in OutDisk SFTP add-in.

Screen image shows a message log reporting "Test completed successfully."
Testing your SFTP connection.

Screen image shows the message and link that OutDisk SFTP has inserted into the email.
What recipients receive in their email inbox.

Image showing the settings for compressing Outlook email file attachments into a single zip file.
OutDisk SFTP supports file compression.

OutDisk SFTP default settings lets you control how OutDisk functions.
Default Settings in OutDisk SFTP