27 April 2020

MessageViewer Lite Email Viewer is Updated

We have updated MessageViewer Lite to Version - 5.0.476.0

This maintenance release is recommended for all customers.  We have implemented the the latest version of MVCOM email rendering engine, as well as updating software controls. Some minor issues have been resolved.  The result is a more stable, up-to-date product capable of rendering even more complex emails.

This update is available to all users of MessageViewer Lite. 

Screen image of MessageViewer Lite software for Windows. View .eml .msg email files. Simple email viewer.
MessageViewer Lite, the Simple Email Viewer for Windows.

You can download the update or a 15 day free trial from the official MessageViewer Lite software product home page.

MessageViewer Lite is a simple email viewer for Outlook .msg and Thunderbird .eml email fiels.  Access email file attachments and print email messages. MessageViewer Lite is often distributed with other software for simple email viewing.

MessageViewer Lite is developed and supported by Encryptomatic LLC, the publisher of this website. To run MessageViewer Lite, you will need a PC with Microsoft Windows 10/8/7, 2 GB ram, and 100 mb of disk space.  Software install and uninstall assistance is available free.  End user license.