31 October 2014

Encryptomatic's Free Online .MSG and .EML File Viewer

Since 2012, Encryptomatic LLC has operated MessageViewer Online, a free service that opens email messages online in your web browser. Just upload a .msg or .eml file, and voila! There it is!

We decided to build MessageViewer Online after realizing that many people were being enticed into downloading supposed "free" email viewers and installing them on their computers. Some of these tools were invasive to people's privacy, would try to upsell them into more expensive products, and just didn't work very well.

We thought that wasn't right. People who have just a few .msg or .eml emails to open shouldn't have to put themselves at risk by installing one of these "free" email tools. So we built MessageViewer Online. It was a good learning exercise for our staff, and we're very pleased that it has been well used now for two years.

The biggest question we get about the service is, "What do you do with the emails I upload to MessageViewer Online?"  People are rightly concerned and skeptical that their email addresses might be harvested and sold off in a spam list.  We accept that skepticism, and our omisssion to include some kind of specific privacy statement on the page hasn't helped, even though our standard policy applies to this service.

Emails sent to MessageViewer Online are rendered to the uploader's web browser as a html web page. The email message and file attachments are temporarily cached for this purpose. About every ten or fifteen minutes, the entire cache is erased by a file deletion script.

We haven't yet found a business model for MessageViewer Online. We've thought about putting ads on it.  Harvesting email addresses for spamming is a business model we rejected at the outset (we never spam). Charging for use? Nah.

The best idea we've had so far is to just provide a link to one of our Windows email viewing software programs.  If you need to go beyond MessageViewer Online for managing email content, please consider trying one of our email viewers.

We're glad so many people find MessageViewer Online useful. We welcome your ideas and suggestions, not only for how we can improve it, but how we might build a sustainable business model around it.

20 October 2014

PstViewer Pro maintenance release available.

PstViewer Pro email viewer for Microsoft Windows has been updated. 

For more information on PstViewer Pro, please visit https://www.encryptomatic.com/pstviewer/

Version 6.0.357.0

- 0003818: [Add] Date format “yyyy-MM-dd” 
- 0004336: [Add] Release license when PVP is uninstalled
- 0003892: [Add] Ability to print every message starting from new page 
- 0004329: [Fix] Crash on attempt to delete an email from pst file
- 0004005: [Fix] Error message when checking for updates 
- 0004175: [Fix] Error when exporting specific EML message 
- 0004212: [Fix] Registration from command line with PIDKEY parameter 
- 0004261: [Fix] Printing to PDF changes signature and font color 
- 0003819: [Fix] Date format is displayed as 12-hours 
- 0003542: [Fix] Folders like "Libraries" and "Control Panel" don't get opened in Explorer 
- 0003839: [Fix] Search for .MSG and .EML files 
- 0004108: [Fix] Search and Filter functions return different results on the same query 
- 0003946: [Fix] 24-hours format for Sent/Received time 

09 September 2014

MessageExport maintenance release,, now available.

Hello All,

We have updated MessageExport This is a maintenance release. It's optional, but we recommend it for all customers because of some fixes that were made to PDF search capabilities.

MessageExport Change Log:
Version - 2.3.6

- 0003834: [Add] "Browse for folder" dialog improvded
- 0003879: [Fix] Resolved an odd issue related to the PDF component used in MessageExport, wherein the word "Attachment" may not have been searchable in resulting PDF files. 
- 0003168: [Fix] Resolved another odd issue involving small font after exporting some "RE:" messages to PDF
- 0003413: [Fix] Improved exporting docx attachments, and resolved an issue relating to a specific docx attachment that a customer sent us. 
- 0003580: [Fix] Improved "Const '.'" in naming schema
- 0003431: [Fix] Header information may have been exported incorrectly. We fixed it.
- 0004039: [Fix] Some Windows XP users were seeing an Error message involving a .cab file. This is now resolved. 

MessageExport is an add-in that expands Outlook's ability to export email messages to PDF, MSG and many other formats.  People use MessageExport in creative ways to automate their work with email.

04 June 2014

PstViewer Pro email viewer is updated

PstViewer Pro has been updated! Version is now available. It improves a number of functions around reply/forward/reply all operations, especially with .eml and Windows Exchange. 

You can download the update through your PstViewer Pro software.  A free 15 day trial can be downloaded from https://www.encryptomatic.com/pstviewer/download.html

Outlook email viewer, PStViewer Pro, is used for seaching emails in .pst, .msg, and .ost and .eml files.
Outlook email viewer, PstViewer Pro.
PstViewer Pro is an advanced email viewing tool for searching, printing, converting, replying and forwarding email content. It works with Outlook .pst, .ost, .msg and .eml email files.  Directories of .msg and .eml files can be displayed in an a mail list.  Double click on a message to obtain a full screen view.

PstViewer Pro can also bulk convert email content and most common file attachments to .pdf and other useful formats.

14 April 2014

PstViewer Pro maintenance update is available

Our software development team has released an update for the PstViewer Pro email viewer.

PstViewer Pro is now available for download. This is a recommended maintenance release that addresses some issues in the search algorithm for .msg and eml email files.

This build addresses the following issues.

  • Search fixes for .MSG and .EML files
  • Error in Outlook when sending an email
  • Problems with Unicode symbols in "Reply" and "Reply all" methods
  • Outlook freezes after "Reply" button is pressed in the email viewer window
  • Correctly open second email window
  • Long attachments names in EML file are cut and displayed without any extension
  • Launch version with correct bit capacity when file is opened from Windows explorer
  • Change trial key type to "offline"
PstViewer Pro is the leading commercial email viewer viewer for .pst, .ost, .eml, and .msg email files.  For more information visit the Pst Viewer Pro home page and download a free trial. 

For assistance installing or updating PstViewer Pro, contact support.


04 March 2014

PstViewer Pro 6.0 Outlook Email Viewer Now Available For Download

PstViewer Pro is an email viewer for the Windows platform. It helps
you to view, search and export email messages stored as .msg, .eml,
.ost, .pst formats.

You can download the version 6 update from our website:

In this release you'll notice that there has seen a change to
the GUI to give it a more updated look and feel, and organization
of the tools into tabs.

PstViewer Pro 6.0 email viewer for Outlook content

Here's the full list of improvements included in this release.

- 0003776: [Add] Check Outlook bit capacity to launch exe
file of the same bit capacity. There was a problem with
Reply/Forward functions not working if, for example, you installed
64-bit PstViewer Pro but had the 32-bit version of Outlook. This
check helps prevent those problems.

- 0003746: [Add] Add version number to PVP ribbon, which will make
it easier for you to know which version of PstViewer Pro you are
using if you call our support team.

- 0003720: [Add] Confirmation dialog regarding export profiles
reset to prevent you from overwriting customized export profiles.

- 0003583: [Add] Added Simple Fullscreen mode for fast viewing of
MSG and EML files

- 0003582: [Add] Add "Reply" and "Forward"
buttons to full screen email window

- 0003329: [Add] Added an option to let you export both message and
extracted attachments to the same folder

- 0003332: [Add] Add information on failed conversions

- 0003331: [Add] Add information about number and names of
attachments when exporting to CSV

- 0003139: [Add] Selection of date formats is not available

- 0003403: [Add] Add Attachments Export to the CSV Profile

- 0003390: [Add] "Select All" menu item has been added

- 0003716: [Fix] Resolved an issue where "CC:" field
doesn't get exported to CSV format

- 0003478: [Fix] Resolved an issue where boxes remain checked after

- 0003288: [Fix] Resolved a problem with German symbols a o u ?
incorrectly after being exported from EML to PDF

- 0003433: [Fix] Attachment extensions are saved incorrectly

- 0002828: [Fix] Resolved a case where a crash occurred while
exporting a specific .pst file. Object reference not set to an
instance of an object.

- 0003399: [Fix] Resolved an issue Proxy settings from the command

- 0002820: [Fix] Resolved an issue where user is prompted to
download a temp.html file on each message opening from .pst file

- 0003657: [Fix] Resolved a situation where an EML message body and
attachment may not be displayed.