27 December 2023

Pst Viewer Pro Email Viewer Update Is Now Available.



We have released an update to Pst Viewer Pro, our Windows software for viewing and converting emails.
Issues Resolved in build 9.0.1720.0:
PVP-529 Improve RAM utilization
PVP-530 Improve loading emails
PVP-531 Fix encoding on displayed messages
PVP-440 Mail Actions are not working

You can update through the software, or download it from https://www.encryptomatic.com/pstviewer/
Anyone needing support to update, please email supportline@encryptomatic.com or call 701-566-6731 x2

Pst Viewer Pro is a multi-format viewer for emails stored as PST/OST/MSG/EML/MBOX/MHT format. A 15 day free trial is available.

Pst Viewer Pro is built on MailDex.Lib .NET Library by Encryptomatic LLC.


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05 December 2023

Enabling Remote Image Viewing in Pst Viewer Pro 24

In the interest of the security and privacy of our customers, we made a change to Pst Viewer Pro 24.  As an email message is rendered in Pst Viewer Pro's viewing pane, very often images within the email are fetched from remote servers.  This process reveals the IP address of the computer where Pst Viewer Pro is running. 

Downloading remote images is off by default, but it is still available for those who wish to continue using it.  You simply have to enable it in Pst Viewer Pro's settings. The below screen shot shows you where the checkbox for this setting is located in the software.

This image shows the check box to enable email remote image viewing.

If you want to download remote images, we recommend using a VPN service to protect your IP address. An alternative to displaying images is to set Pst Viewer Pro to display the message in Plain Text by default.  This can be done in the View tab by selecting "Use Plain Text Body."

A screen image of Pst Viewer Pro that shows the location of the "Use Plain Text Body" button on the "View" tab.

Pst Viewer Pro email viewer/converter has many settings that let you customize and tweak how it operates.  We felt that turning "view images" off by default was the safest way forward for our customers.  But if you want to enable it, feel free to set your own defaults and make Pst Viewer Pro a tool that works the way you do.

For more information about Pst Viewer Pro email viewer/converter, or to download a 15 day free trial,  visit the official Pst Viewer Pro home page.

22 August 2023

Keeping Your Emails Safe: Using Encryptomatic OpenPGP Add-in for Email Encryption in Microsoft Outlook

In today's world, where our personal communications travel across the internet, it's really important to make sure our private information stays private. One way to do that is by using email encryption. If you use Microsoft Outlook on Windows to send and receive personal emails, there's a free tool called the Encryptomatic OpenPGP add-in that can help with this. Let's learn how you can use this tool to protect your emails from snoops.

Software box. Encryptomatic OpenPGP. Strong email encryption.

What is OpenPGP Encryption?

Before we get started, let's understand what OpenPGP encryption is. Imagine you have a secret message you want to send to a friend. OpenPGP is like a special lock and key. You use your friend's "public key" to lock the message, and only your friend's "private key" can open it and read it. This is a lot different from the sort of encryption you've likely been exposed to in movies, where the same key both encrypts and decrypts a message. Because of a cool but complex mathematical relationship between the public and private key, you can give your public key to anyone. And while anyone can encrypt a message using your public key, only your private key will ever be able to open that message.

Step 1: Installing the OpenPGP Add-in

First, you need to add special software to your Microsoft Outlook. This is called the Encryptomatic OpenPGP add-in. It's a tool that makes your emails extra secure. You can find it in a Encryptomatic.com/OpenPGP. Once you run the installer, the software installs right into Outlook and adds a "Encrypt" button to new email messages. All you have to do to helps keep your emails safe is click the Encrypt button before you send a new email. At this point you should restart Microsoft Outlook so that Encryptomatic OpenPGP add-in can run. From now on it will always run each time you start up Outlook.

Step 2: Making Your Key Pair

Now, let's make your public and private key pair. This pair of keys are like your secret codes. The "public key" is like a lock, and the "private key" is the only key that can open it. When you start Outlook and the OpenPGP add-in, follow the instructions to make your keys. Remember, your private key is really important and should be kept safe!

Step 3: Sharing Keys with Friends

Now that you have a public key, you need to share it with your friends. Its ok to share the public key with anyone you want to receive encrypted messages from. They'll use this key to lock their messages to you so that only you can open it (even they can't open a message that they have encrypted with your public key!). You can also ask them for their public key so you can lock messages for them, too!

Step 4: Sending Secret Emails

When you're writing an email in Outlook, there's a special button called "Encrypt." When you click it, it's like putting a lock on your email. The Encryptomatic OpenPGP tool knows which friends have keys, so it locks your email just for them before sending it across the internet.

Step 5: Reading Locked Emails

When your friend gets your locked email, their special key can open it. It's like a magic trick! They'll see your message, just the way you wrote it. This way, only your friend can read what you wrote.

Step 6: Updating and Fixing Keys

Sometimes, you might need to update or fix your keys. Maybe you got a new computer. The Encryptomatic OpenPGP tool can help with that. Keeping your keys updated is important to keep your emails safe.

Why Use OpenPGP Encryption?

  1. Stay Safe Online: With OpenPGP, your emails stay private, and only the people you want can read them. It's like having a secret language for your emails.

  2. Easy to Use: The OpenPGP tool fits right into Outlook, so you don't need to be a computer expert to use it.

  3. You Decide Who Sees Your Messages: OpenPGP lets you choose which friends can read your emails. Nobody else can see them!

  4. Works Everywhere OpenPGP is accepted! You can use Encryptomatic OpenPGP to send encrypted emails and files to different devices and even with different email programs. It's like having a special key that fits any lock.

  5. Keeps Your Messages Safe and Unchanged: OpenPGP doesn't just lock your emails; it also makes sure they don't get changed while traveling through the internet. Nobody can tamper with an OpenPGP encrypted email message.

In the end, making sure your online conversations are private is super important. With the Encryptomatic OpenPGP add-in, you can use the power of encryption to keep your emails safe from prying eyes. Think of it like having your own secret code that only you and your trusted friends can understand. So go ahead and give it a try – keep your digital talks safe and sound!

11 August 2023

Encryptomatic Pst Viewer Lite 24 is Released

Pst Veiwer Lite box image

Encryptomatic Pst Viewer Lite has been updated.  Version 24 is a major update to our leading affordable email viewing software program for Windows desktop.  Pst Viewer Lite has now been updated to use the same powerful email rendering engine found in our top of the line MailDex email viewer. 

Current customers can upgrade with the software using the Update function.  A free trial can be downloaded from the Pst Viewer Lite 24 official product home page.

Pst Viewer Lite is an affordable yet capable email viewer. It works with Thunderbird MBOX emails, .eml, .msg, and Outlook PST/OST email files. Use Pst Viewer Lite to find important emails, and convert them individually to a PDF file.

Improvement list:

PVL-56 Improved check for updates
PVL-53 Fixed Attached EML files wont open
PVL-54 Resolved Favorites list does not display selected folder items
PVL-39 Resolved load file or assembly error
PVL-40 Resolved Activation failure issue
PVL-41 Resolved  aWarning that might appear during selecting a pst file
PVL-42 Resolved email preview issue
PVL-43 Resolved issue whereMail Actions generate an error
PVL-44 Fixed Save message as, Reply, Reply All, and properties are not available
PVL-45 Resolved Export to PDF does progress issue
PVL-46 Fixed Pressing cancel on an export to add to pdf freezes the program
PVL-48 Fixed Opening a message produces a blank window with the following critical error
PVL-49 Fixed issue with Printing where it could produce an error.
PVL-50 Resolved issue while Saving message as PDF
PVL-51 Resolved issue with Mail actions not working
PVL-52 Fixed issue where saving message as images failedEnhancements:
PVL-47 Update copyright on PVL
PVL-55 Refresh the theme
PVL-34 Misleading text when forwarding
PVL-36 Integrate a Buy Now! button instead of a link
PVL-37 Update system requirements
PVL-57 Change software name to PSTViewer Lite 24 where it merits
PVL-58 Add Webview 2 supportDocumentation on the product online manual is updated and changelog as well.

12 July 2023

MailDex 24 Email Viewer/Converter Update is Released

A software box illustration showing MailDex envelope logo and the word "MailDex".
MailDex 24 Update is Released


Encryptomatic LLC has released a major update to MailDex email viewer/converter for Microsoft Windows 11/10.  MailDex is a complete system for viewing, searching, indexing and converting email messages across email client mail formats to PDF and other image and text document formats.   MailDex 24 includes more than 30 improvements and fixes. This maintenance release is recommended for customers.

Current customers can update to MailDex 24 through the software by running the update function, or by restarting MailDex. Updating can also be done by downloading and running the MailDex 24 installer.

For more information on MailDex, visit the product home page. A 15 day free trial is available.


06 April 2023

We’ve Setup Our Fediverse Presence


Illustration showing the  blue Twitter bird flying into a wall.

Its been difficult to watch once reliable Twitter disintegrate into an  unstable platform. The service has reached a point where we have decided that we can not soley rely on it to communicate with our customers. Keeping all of our proverbial 'eggs' in a single basket is no longer the prudent long term strategy for us as policies on Twitter seem to be applied capriciously, retroactively, and in some cases politically and punitively. 

We like the idea of being able to control our own social media presence. The software to do this is now widely available and free, allowing any business or person to federate with other systems to share news and content.  This Fediverse of servers, which communicate using a protocol called Activity Pub, is decentralized, not subject to the whims of centralization. As a network, it is growing fast and is now a proven, practical way to communicate. It includes software such as Mastodon, #Pleroma, #Peertube,  #GoToSocial, and many other exciting open projects. Even Word Press and Tumblr have serious efforts to interface their platforms to the Fediverse.  With Twitter’s on-going instability and other large organizations embracing Activity Pub, we believe the growth will continue.

We therefore have established our own Fediverse presence at https://social.encryptomatic.com

We will continue to share our content to Twitter, rather than abandon it completely. Perhaps it will turn around and once again become the dependable platform that businesses and media have relied on for well over a decade. There are still people we care about on Twitter.  Change is hard, but we can’t ignore the site’s instability, nor the momentum that the Fediverse is gaining.  

See you there!

08 March 2023

MessageExport Add-In for Outlook Update Released

(Fargo, ND)  Encryptomatic LLC today announced the release of MessageExport Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook, version 4.1.236. MessageExport integrates with the Outlook toolbar to provide users with additional email conversion tools. With MessageExport, Outlook email messages can be converted individually or in bulk to PDF, and many other formats.

Image showing integration of MessageExport with Outlook menu. A drop down list shows export options for users to select.

MessageExport is specifically designed for converting Outlook emails to PDF format, and has additional features that make it well suited for this task. For example, MessageExport excels at handling email file attachments during PDF conversion, either including them into the PDF image or embedding them as files so they may be later extracted. 

MessageExport users can also export multiple emails into a single PDF, and choose to perform additional processes on the converted emails such as including email meta data in the file name, extracting attachments, saving converted files to a specific folder, and much more. 

MessageExport PDF add-in for Microsoft Outlook.
Release 4.1.236 includes several important improvements for Outlook 2021, and is recommended for all customers. 

More information about MessageExport is available from the product home page.  A free 15 day trial is available.

23 February 2023

MailDex 2023 Update 2.1.3 Now Available

Encryptomatic LLC has released the latest version of MailDex,  Update 2.1.3.  This update is recommended for all customers. It resolves customer reported issues and includes 25 enhancements and improvements.

MailDex 2.1.3 may be updated using the software's update feature in the Help menu.  It can also be downloaded from the MailDex website.

MailDex is a personal email search engine that privately allows you to perform fast email searches on your Windows PC.  Use MailDex to combine email content across all major email client file formats, including PST, OST, OLM, MSG, EML, EMLX, MHT and MBOX.  Convert emails to PDF and many other formats. Organize and manage millions of emails with MailDex.

MailDex is free to try for 15 days and includes a year of updates and phone/email/live support.

MailDex software box illustration, featuring the MailDex envelope logo in blue and gold. Text on the box reads: Email Manager and Converter. Bullet items include Indexing, Searching, Discovering, Converting, Saving Email as PDF, Visualizing Email Patterns. Blocked text reads Designed for Windows Computers.  Multi email formats supported. Easy and Unlimited Projects, 30 day guarantee.

For more information about MailDex, contact Encryptomatic LLC or visit the product home page.

01 February 2023

MailDex 2023 Update Now Available

Fargo, ND - Encryptomatic LLC today announced the availability of MailDex email viewer/converter, version 2.0.42 maintenance update. This release includes various improvements, features and fixes, and is recommended for all customers. For transparency, a full list of disposed issues is displayed below.

What is MailDex?

MailDex® by Encryptomatic® LLC is an affordable Windows® software tool for indexing, searching, discovering, visualizing and converting emails. MailDex works across many email client formats, including Outlook PST, OST, OLM and MSG files, Thunderbird's EML, MBOX, as well as WINMAIL.DAT, MHT, EMLX files.

Use MailDex to organize, find, archive, and present important email content. With MailDex, you can locate those few important emails hidden among millions. 

MailDex respects your privacy by performing all of its work on your computer. No email content or metadata is ever sent to our servers. All processing is local.

For a 15 day free trial of this latest release, please visit the official MailDex homepage.

An illustration of MailDex software box containing the mail envelope logo and encryptomatic LLC logo. 30 day no risk guarantee.

Release notes - MailDex -

MDX-586 Replace zip com with .net component that has standard / core versions
MDX-591 Clarifying text change, "Import Emails" to Import Email Wizard
MDX-592 Added missing text to toolbar icons

MDX-614 Sort subfolders alphabetically
MDX-598 Export email properties to a file
MDX-582 Improved MailDex installation

MDX-241 Resolved issue with Mail Actions
MDX-615 Resolved issue with Export to XML single (base64 atts)
MDX-616 Resolved issue with import options
MDX-618 Chinese simplified GB18030 emails are now displayed correctly from a PST/OST file
MDX-620 Resolved Error when exporting to PDF Zipped
MDX-621 Resvoled issue with Zip file password protection