05 November 2020

MailDex 2021 Email Indexing Software Now Available.


Hi everyone,

Darren here. I'm very happy to tell you that your MailDex email indexing software has been updated! Thanks Antonio and Velja for their care and diligence to MailDex quality.

You can now upgrade to MailDex 2021. This release includes some big new features, such as indexing email file attachments, improved language translations, and more.

Read all about it over at the product blog MailDex.net

28 September 2020

Encryptomatic Announces the Availability of OpenPGP for Windows Desktop and Outlook.


We appreciate all of the support we have received from users of Encryptomatic OpenPGP add-in for Microsoft Outlook. Today we are very pleased to announce that we have extended its encryption capabilities to include folders and files on the Windows desktop.  

In the latest release, Encryptomatic OpenPGP now includes Windows desktop functionality and integration with the Windows right click context menu.

Screen shot showing OpenPGP integrated with Windows desktop right click context menu. Capabilities incude Sign and Encrypt, and Key Management..

By downloading and running the signed installer package, Encryptomatic OpenPGP will integrate with Windows desktop and Microsoft Outlook (if available), then launch a wizard that will guide new users through the process of creating a key pair.



For information on downloading and installing Encryptomatic OpenPGP, visit the product homepage.


27 April 2020

MessageViewer Lite Email Viewer is Updated

We have updated MessageViewer Lite to Version - 5.0.476.0

This maintenance release is recommended for all customers.  We have implemented the the latest version of MVCOM email rendering engine, as well as updating software controls. Some minor issues have been resolved.  The result is a more stable, up-to-date product capable of rendering even more complex emails.

This update is available to all users of MessageViewer Lite. 

Screen image of MessageViewer Lite software for Windows. View .eml .msg email files. Simple email viewer.
MessageViewer Lite, the Simple Email Viewer for Windows.

You can download the update or a 15 day free trial from the official MessageViewer Lite software product home page.

MessageViewer Lite is a simple email viewer for Outlook .msg and Thunderbird .eml email fiels.  Access email file attachments and print email messages. MessageViewer Lite is often distributed with other software for simple email viewing.

MessageViewer Lite is developed and supported by Encryptomatic LLC, the publisher of this website. To run MessageViewer Lite, you will need a PC with Microsoft Windows 10/8/7, 2 GB ram, and 100 mb of disk space.  Software install and uninstall assistance is available free.  End user license.

26 March 2020

Working at Home?

We won't spend too much time here recapping current events.  You know what's going on.  And you're probably working from home right now as you read this.

Encryptomatic LLC has been a digital company from the moment of its founding in 2005.  100% of our employees and contractors are able to work remotely. Its a way of working to which we are fully accustomed.  It has been a bit of a surprise to us just how much of the world is finally getting around to working online.

Since last week, things have slowed a bit for us, so if you have any questions about working online, or about how we work, or the tools we use, or whatever... feel free to connect with us.  We enjoy hearing from people like you, and are always glad to help in any way we  can. 

We are a small company. We are real people.  If we can do anything for you right now, we will be glad to try to help.

07 February 2020

MailDex 2020 is Updated

We have updated MailDex 2020 (v1.5) email manager and exporter.

This update resolves several issues discovered by our QA team.  It also includes a new feature, export email to XML.

Screen image showing location of email to xml export in MailDex.
Export Email to XML with MailDex
A screen shot of a xml file containing email content.
Email that has been converted to XML

Export to CSV has also been improved. Additional email data fields are now included during CSV export operations.

The full list of changes to MailDex 2020 include:
Feature: MDX-222    XML Export format added for data collection, CSV fields expanded

MDX-220    Margins not centered on output PDF
MDX-366    Export to CSV fails silently when overwriting file in use
MDX-367    CSV file may be malformed if there are multiple file attachments in a .msg file
MDX-368    Some email file attachment names may not be not exported to CSV
MDX-372    File may fail to convert during Single PDF export operation.

How to update MailDex

You can update MailDex from within the software by going to Help > Check for Updates.

Screen shot showing location of MailDex "Check for Updates".
Check for Updates

Alternatively, you can download the free trial and install it on your computer. The installer will detect if you have a licensed copy of MailDex, and will install the updates.

Screen image of MailDex, "Completing the MailDex 2020 Setup Wizard"e
Update MailDex 2020

05 February 2020

OutDisk SFTP 4.90.20 is released.

We have updated OutDisk secure FTP for Windows and OutDisk sftp add-in for Microsoft Office 
Outlook. Version 4.90.20 is now available for download from the OutDisk home page.

This is a minor release that resolves a few user reported issues around updating and activation reported.

OD-24 - Resolved OutDisk can not be activated
OD-25 - Revised current installer for a proper installation
OD-26 - Text: Remove Hosting URL from OutDisk Desktop app.
OutDisk Secure FTP is both a Windows desktop application and add-in for Microsoft Outlook. OutDisk lets you create a self-hosted service for uploading large files.  Because OutDisk SFTP is an application and not a service, users are responsible for providing their own hosting infrastructure. It is not recommended for people who are unfamiliar with web servers.
Secure FTP add-in for Outlook, screen shot.
OutDisk Secure FTP Add-in for Outlook
You can download a free 15 day trial of OutDisk secure FTP.

07 January 2020

Sending Large Email File Attachments from Microsoft Outlook with OutDisk SFTP Add-in

Businesses have long struggled with email file attachments.  Large file attachments in email are likely to bounce, failing to be delivered to the recipient. When they do arrive, they put a strain on server inbox resources.  Email file attachments also present a security risk from virus phishing attempts, causing email administrators to quarantine or strip the file from the email message.

There are plenty of 3rd party services who will provide email file attachment hosting for a fee.  Storing data outside of the organization and depending on the security protocol of the 3rd party provider is a great solution for some companies, but for those who use Microsoft Outlook and want more control of outbound email data, there is OutDisk SFTP.

OutDisk SFTP is an add-in that integrates with Microsoft Outlook 365/2019/2016/2013/2010. When an a sender attaches a file of any size to an email, OutDisk SFTP processes it without any additional requirement being placed on the sender.

In  seamless operation, OutDisk SFTP removes the attachment from the outbound email, uploads it over encrypted secure FTP to a company controlled server, and inserts a link and message into the email instructing the recipient to download the file.  Only the message and link are sent through email, while downloading the file occurs over secure TLS via https protocol.

OutDisk SFTP is free to try. If your organization needs an affordable and effective way to help your email users share files, while maintaining control on company servers,  try OutDisk SFTP.

OutDisk SFTP add-in installed in MS Outlook 365 menu system.
OutDisk can be manually activated, or automatically activated whenever an email file attachment is added to an email.

OutDisk SFTP Windows desktop application screen shot.
OutDisk also works from the Windows desktop. Outlook isn't required to use OutDisk SFTP.

Location of OutDisk SFTP Settings button and connection properties.
OutDisk SFTP Settings and connection properties.

Screen image showing how to change the default OutDisk SFTP message that is inserted into email.
The email default text inserted by OutDisk SFTP may be customized.

Screen image showing how to setup your SFTP server in OutDisk.
Configuring your SFTP server settings in OutDisk SFTP add-in.

Screen image shows a message log reporting "Test completed successfully."
Testing your SFTP connection.

Screen image shows the message and link that OutDisk SFTP has inserted into the email.
What recipients receive in their email inbox.

Image showing the settings for compressing Outlook email file attachments into a single zip file.
OutDisk SFTP supports file compression.

OutDisk SFTP default settings lets you control how OutDisk functions.
Default Settings in OutDisk SFTP