07 May 2019

MailDex Update 1.3.4 is Released

Encryptomatic MailDex email archiving system has been updated.  The latest version 1.3.4 is now available for free trial on the MailDex website.  Customers with a valid MailDex maintenance and support service subscription can update from within the software Help tab.

Software screenshot showing location of Check for Updates in the Help tab.
MailDex Checking for Updates

A major improvement has been made to the advanced email search.  Users can now include AND/OR/NOT criteria and design "Sets" of search criteria.  Searches may be saved and reused at a later time.

Screen shot of MailDex advanced criteria in search.
Advanced Email Search in MailDex.
If you have been working with our support team on an issue, the following tracked issues have been resolved in this release.

MDX-217    AND/OR Searches improvements

MDX-194    Regex "And" search
MDX-224    Update folders and icons names to MailDex 2019
MDX-227    RegEx search improvement
MDX-231    MDX 1.3.1: Add group may cause crash in some instances
MDX-232    MDX 1.3.1: Clicking on search icon may cause issue in some instances
MDX-233    MDX 1.3.1: Save-as improvement
MDX-234    MDX 1.3.1: Control may appear out of frame
MDX-236    Save throws unhandled exception in some instances
MDX-239    Require activation over TLS only.
MDX-242    Update links for Connect with us
MDX-243    Remove favorites feature

For support or upgrade questions, please feel free to contact us.