30 April 2013

Update Available for MessageLock Email Encryption Add-on for Microsoft Outlook

Encryptomatic LLC has released an update to the MessageLock email encryption app for Microsoft Outlook.  MessageLock version is now available for download

This release includes several enhancements for stability in Outlook 2013, and improves the integration with the Lockbin.com web service.

MessageLock is an email encryption tool for Microsoft Outlook users. It's used to send and receive email messages and files using methods that are accessible for recipients. MessageLock is a symmetric key encryption application, which means that the same password is used to encrypt the message as is used to decrypt it.  

MessageLock now includes an integration to the Lockbin.com web service. Messages and files can now be sent directly through Lockbin, where messages are stored for later retrieval by the recipient.  Lockbin implements a combination of both symmetric key encryption (password encryption) and asymmetric encryption which uses a public/private key pair.  If both sender and receiver have a Lockbin account, messages and files can be traded seamlessly from MessageLock, with no password required.

Learn more about MessageLock and how it can help your business communicate securely with your customers.

26 April 2013

MessageViewer Lite 4.5 update

MessageViewer Lite has been updated to version 4.5. This is a maintenance release that is recommended for all users. Although MessageViewer Lite retains its easy-to-use interface, under the hood are some important enhancements that provide an even better user experience through increased accuracy of rendering .msg and .eml files, and stability.

Read more about the changes to MessageViewer Lite or download a free trial.