31 August 2015

We have updated the PDF Postman addon for Microsoft Outlook! Version 2.5, build 319 is the latest maintenance release. It's now available at https://www.encryptomatic.com/pdfpostman/download/

This update is recommended for all PDF Postman customers.

The following issues reported by users were resolved in this update:

- 0004881: [Fix] Replace notification image, due to misspelling
- 0004819: [Development] Message "The system cannot find the file specified" during the installation (protected 32-bit .msi)
- 0004694: [Fix] Crash when adding password entry to the remote database
- 0004792: [Fix] Synchronization for remote and local password storage databases

PDF Postman is an addin for Microsoft Outlook for end-to-end encrypted communications by email.. It's used to send encrypted PDF messages and files using the common PDF envelope. This method reduces the buden on recipients and makes it practical to protect important data.

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