13 September 2010

MVCOM Maintenance Release is available.

Encryptomatic LLC today announced the release of MVCOM maintenance release. MVCOM is a COM component for software developers that provides access to .pst, .msg and .eml file content without dependencies on MAPI. Click here for more information about MVCOM component.

Change Log (MVCOM) - 2.2.2

- 0001334: [Fix] x64 platform performance fix

- 0001653: [Fix] Improvements to EML rendering

- 0001651: [Fix] Crash while working with specific pst file
- 0001657: [Add] New methods and property for navigation inside PST files and extract folder information : CollectDir, ChangeDir, Broker.CountDir

- 0001655: [Add] Unicode conversion speed up

- 0001654: [Add] Including CAB file to the installer package

- 0001656: [Internal] Remove dependency of 3rd party libraries

- 0001456: [Internal] Resolved intermitted issue with signature for IsLicense40

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