09 September 2014

MessageExport maintenance release,, now available.

Hello All,

We have updated MessageExport This is a maintenance release. It's optional, but we recommend it for all customers because of some fixes that were made to PDF search capabilities.

MessageExport Change Log:
Version - 2.3.6

- 0003834: [Add] "Browse for folder" dialog improvded
- 0003879: [Fix] Resolved an odd issue related to the PDF component used in MessageExport, wherein the word "Attachment" may not have been searchable in resulting PDF files. 
- 0003168: [Fix] Resolved another odd issue involving small font after exporting some "RE:" messages to PDF
- 0003413: [Fix] Improved exporting docx attachments, and resolved an issue relating to a specific docx attachment that a customer sent us. 
- 0003580: [Fix] Improved "Const '.'" in naming schema
- 0003431: [Fix] Header information may have been exported incorrectly. We fixed it.
- 0004039: [Fix] Some Windows XP users were seeing an Error message involving a .cab file. This is now resolved. 

MessageExport is an add-in that expands Outlook's ability to export email messages to PDF, MSG and many other formats.  People use MessageExport in creative ways to automate their work with email.