13 June 2013

PstViewer Pro 5 Now Available

Encryptomatic LLC today released PstViewer Pro 5.0, a major update of it's market leading Outlook .pst email viewer.  PstViewer Pro 5 includes important new customer requested features, such as searching across multiple Outlook .pst files.

PstViewer Pro logo

PstViewer Pro is the premier tool for people who have important work to do with email.  With Pst Viewer Pro, you can open Outlook .pst, .ost, .mht., .eml, .msg and winmail.dat email files, search for emails, and export them to different formats including .pdf, mbox, mht, eml, csv, and other formats.

Click here for more information on PstViewer Pro, or to download a free trial.

PstViewer Pro Change Log:
Version - 5.0.0

- Compatible with Gmail EML files (skipping initial new line and whitespace symbols)
- Improved transport header parsing
- MIME 1.0 parser fixed according to RFC 2047
- Support for multiline attachment filenames
- Improved non-standard "Date" decoding
- Improved non-standard recipients list decoding
- Fixed: application hangs on opening a specific EML message
- Fixed: In specialized instances, Jpg attachments in specific EML message body was not displayed
- Search in multiple PST/OST files
- More responsive GUI
- Assigning a default name for unnamed attachments as "Attachment-N"
- Improved working with network paths
- Changed default action on empty exported file name (do not stop on long export)
- EML reader enhancements and improvements to addressed specialized problems with non-standard formatted emails:

- [Fix] Error message on some MHT file parsing
- [Fix] System.IO.__Error.WinIOError
- [Fix] System.ArgumentException: Font 'Arial Unicode MS' does not support style 'Regular'
- [Fix] Some PDF embedded attachments were not accessible with Adobe Reader. Resolved.
- [Fix] Added additional exceptions to MSG reader, resolving intermittent issue where body was not available in certain specialized instances
- Added Compatibility with local FIPS encryption group policy

11 June 2013

Update Available for MessageExport

A maintenence release of MessageExport add-on for MS Outlook, version,, has been released. This update resolves an issue in Outlook 2013 when the Powerpoint plugin is resident.

MessageExport is an app for Microsoft Office Outlook 2013/2010/2007/2003.  It improve's Outlook's ability to transform and process email messages, either individually or in bulk. MessageExport can convert emails to PDF and other formats.