17 September 2010

PSTViewer Pro version ( Maintenance Release is now available.

Encryptomatic LLC announced today the release of PSTViewer Pro version ( maintenance release. PstViewer Pro is an advanced viewer for accessing PST, MSG and EML email content, without the requirement of MAPIand. PstViewer Pro provides search,  naming and export capabilities, including to PDF.

This release is recommended for all PstViewer PRo users, and is now available through the Product Upgrade feature in PstViewer Pro.

Change Log for this release:

- 0001361: [Fix] Impossible to open attached file with illegal character in the name
- 0001139: [Fix] Resolved issue where previous message may appear in full window view
- 0001244: [Fix] Added ability to send crash report to support with user's permission.
- 0001114: [Fix] Mail List now refreshes correctly after deleting file
- 0001577: [Fix] Error message resolved while working with pst file that includes ANSI
- 0001651: [Fix] Resolved intermittent crash while working with a specific pst file
- 0001080: [Fix] Messages from pst files can now be saved to msg format

- 0001276: [Add] Corrected pagination while exporting to pdf format
- 0001655: [Add] Unicode conversion speed improved

13 September 2010

MVCOM Maintenance Release is available.

Encryptomatic LLC today announced the release of MVCOM maintenance release. MVCOM is a COM component for software developers that provides access to .pst, .msg and .eml file content without dependencies on MAPI. Click here for more information about MVCOM component.

Change Log (MVCOM) - 2.2.2

- 0001334: [Fix] x64 platform performance fix

- 0001653: [Fix] Improvements to EML rendering

- 0001651: [Fix] Crash while working with specific pst file
- 0001657: [Add] New methods and property for navigation inside PST files and extract folder information : CollectDir, ChangeDir, Broker.CountDir

- 0001655: [Add] Unicode conversion speed up

- 0001654: [Add] Including CAB file to the installer package

- 0001656: [Internal] Remove dependency of 3rd party libraries

- 0001456: [Internal] Resolved intermitted issue with signature for IsLicense40