31 May 2011

Easy Outlook Email Encryption

Certificate based SMIME or PGP encryption is a great way to go, and its worth the cost and inconvenience to setup if you will be communicating regularly with the other party.  To be business practical, an email encryption system needs to be easy for the recipient. 

PDF Postman is a new encryption add-in for Outlook that protects your messages in a way that just about anyone can receive, on any computing device, without any special software.  Users of PDF Postman often have implemented the public/private key encryption systems, only to find that the complexity is beyond understanding of many individuals or small office users. To augment those complex systems, they have installed PDF Postman as an easy to use, password based system that does not burden the recipient.

With PDF Postman, recipients only require a password. No special software is necessary to decrypt the message; in fact, they probably already have a PDF viewer on their laptop or mobile phone. PDF viewers are available on every operating system: Windows, Mac, Ios, Android, Linux, Solaris, etc.  To open a PDF Postman encrypted file, recipients simply click on the file. Their PDF viewer will then prompt them for the password. If the password is correct, they contents of the message are revealed.

PDF Postman converts the Outlook email message to a fully formatted PDF message.  Any file attachments to the email can be included as files within the encrypted PDF. To extract the files, the recipient usually only has to drag and drop the files out of their PDF viewer.

Although PDF Postman has the ability to protect the entire email including file attachments with AES-128 bit encryption, its also possible to convert attached Microsoft Office documents to PDF files, when that is desirable.  Another option allows the sender to protect only the file attachments.

Download a free trial of PDF Postman for Microsoft Outlook, and start sending encrypted email messages today.

MessageLock 1.12.1781 maintenance release is now available

A maintenance update for MessageLock (version 1.12.1781) is released. MessageLock is an email encryption add-in for Microsoft Outlook. It uses AES-256 bit encryption to protect important email messages.

This release resolves an issue in the message decryption time stamp, which could cause it to be errant in some situations.

Current MessageLock users can update their MessageLock installation by clicking here.

Prospective users can learn more about MessageLock email encryption for Outlook by visiting the product home page.