23 December 2013

OutDisk FTP Add-On for Microsoft Outlook Updated to Version 4.51

We've released an update to OutDisk FTP. Version 4.51 is now available for download from the OutDisk web page. This release includes some general updates for Windows 8, Outlook 2013, and various bug fixes.

OutDisk is a tool for Microsoft Windows email users. It lets you send large files in email using the proven and reliable FTP protocol. OutDisk uploads large files to your web server; no need to depend on a 3rd party file service to host your files.

OutDisk includes an add-in for Microsoft Outlook. It can work with Exchange file size limitations to automatically upload attached files (or files that are too large to attach to the mail).  Administrators can use OutDisk to quickly build an in-house file sharing service, saving money on subscription based services while maintaining control over the files and server security.

Click here for more information about OutDisk FTP, or to download a 15 day free trial.

The OutDisk FTP toolbar as shown in Microsoft Office Outlook 2013.
OutDisk toolbar in Outlook 2013

Settings screen of the OutDisk FTP Microsoft Windows desktop application.
OutDisk desktop application

Image shows the OutDisk FTP addon settings page.
OutDisk FTP Outlook Add-on Settings

27 November 2013

Dropping Support for RC4 Cipher, and Enforcing Encrypted Connections

Recently we decided to only allow access to the Encryptomatic.com website over a secure https connection.  There did not seem to be any good reason not to do this.  The server overhead is minimal, and the certificates are not particularly expensive or difficult to obtain. The risks to privacy, demonstrating a commitment to protecting your privacy, and supporting the idea of a private internet browsing experience outweighed any small inconvenience or cost that we may incur. 

We have arranged our cipher suite ordering so that our server will attempt to connect to your web browser using the strongest ciphers available and with Perfect Forward Secrecy. You can see how our website performed at SSL Labs, and also test the security of your own browser.

We've also decided to drop support for the problematic RC4 cipher suite. A jury recently upheld a company's claim to a patent for using the RC4 cipher with TLS.  Removing support for RC4 should only cause issues for people who are using very old web browsers, and it's long past time they upgraded.  

A-rating for strong encryption at SSL Labs.
Encryptomatic.Com A Rating At SSL Labs

We apologize that this blog is temporarily unencrypted. We have for some time hosted the blog at Blogger. Sadly, Blogger has chosen not to provide https access to the sites it hosts. We're working to address this in the short term.

We appreciate you visiting our company online, and we want you to know that we take your privacy and security very seriously.

13 November 2013

MessageExport Update 2.3 Available

Encryptomatic LLC today release a maintenance update for MessageExport, the add-in software that extends Microsoft Outlook's email export capabilities. MessageExport is the premier tool for converting Outlook email messages to formats that include .pdf, .eml, .mht, .tif, text, and many others. 

MessageExport 2.3 is now compatible with Windows 8.1.  A new file naming feature allows for indicating the presence of file attachments in the file name.  When opening a .pdf file with embedded file attachments, the attachments panel will now open automatically in Adobe Reader.

To download a 15 day free trial of MessageExport, and to learn more about it's advanced Outlook email exporting functions, please visit the MessageExport home page.

The change log for MessageExport follows:
- 0003436: [Development] Windows 8.1 compatibility
- 0002732: [Add] An option in the naming schema to indicate if there is an attachment
- 0003401: [Add] Set PDF viewer to open Attachments Panel if there are attachments embedded to pdf
- 0003405: [Fix] Resolved an issue where PowerPoint was being closed during scheduled export execution
- 0003404: [Development] Resolved negative values for Scheduler interval