18 February 2015

We can't stop making MessageExport better

When customers call us with great ideas, some times they're so good that we stop and get them into the software right away. While we just released version 3.5 of MessageExport a few weeks ago, we're happy to offer you an updated version 3.5.8 today.

A client called us and explained how we could make his job easier by expanding the functionality of MessageExport's file explorer. The explorer integrates to Outlook. It has been a convenient way for MessageExport users to convert individual e-Mails to PDF, or any of the other supported formats, simply by dragging the email from Outlook and dropping it onto the desired folder in the explorer.  MessageExport automatical converts the file to the selected format (formats are called "Export Profiles" and are selectable in MessageExport's drop down list).

What our customer wanted was a quick and easy way to use MessageExport's file explorer to preview files, and to select them for attaching to an e-Mail. With MessageExport's new explorer functionality, you can now accomplish a variety of additional tasks, such as exporting an email to PDF and then easily attaching it to an email message.

This short video demonstrates MessageExport's new file explorer integration with MS Outlook

Install and uninstall support is available from the Encryptomatic LLC support team.  Download the free 15 day trial of MessageExport and see if it can save you time.