14 December 2012

MessageViewer Online published as a Chrome app

We've been having a lot of fun with our MessageViewer Online web app.  It's free, and we invite anyone to use it to view their emails and download file attachments. It supports online viewing of Outlook .msg, .eml and winmail.dat files. Hundreds of people use MessageViewer Online every day. We've enjoyed watching it grow and providing this free service.

Today we published MessageViewer Online as a Chrome app. That's us on the right...
MessageViewer Online Email Viewer now published as a Chrome app.
If you are a user of the Chrome browser or a Chromebook computer, you can install the MessageViewer Online app for Chrome.

MessageViewer Online is a demonstration of the rendering capabilities of our MVCOM .NET email component.   We hope you find this app useful. Feel free to contact us through the usual channels or comment here about how we can make MessageViewer Online a better tool for you.

If you are a Windows user, you can still use MessageViewer Online. If you would prefer to have it as a Windows app, look at our Outlook .Pst viewer software. 

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