06 April 2023

We’ve Setup Our Fediverse Presence


Illustration showing the  blue Twitter bird flying into a wall.

Its been difficult to watch once reliable Twitter disintegrate into an  unstable platform. The service has reached a point where we have decided that we can not soley rely on it to communicate with our customers. Keeping all of our proverbial 'eggs' in a single basket is no longer the prudent long term strategy for us as policies on Twitter seem to be applied capriciously, retroactively, and in some cases politically and punitively. 

We like the idea of being able to control our own social media presence. The software to do this is now widely available and free, allowing any business or person to federate with other systems to share news and content.  This Fediverse of servers, which communicate using a protocol called Activity Pub, is decentralized, not subject to the whims of centralization. As a network, it is growing fast and is now a proven, practical way to communicate. It includes software such as Mastodon, #Pleroma, #Peertube,  #GoToSocial, and many other exciting open projects. Even Word Press and Tumblr have serious efforts to interface their platforms to the Fediverse.  With Twitter’s on-going instability and other large organizations embracing Activity Pub, we believe the growth will continue.

We therefore have established our own Fediverse presence at https://social.encryptomatic.com

We will continue to share our content to Twitter, rather than abandon it completely. Perhaps it will turn around and once again become the dependable platform that businesses and media have relied on for well over a decade. There are still people we care about on Twitter.  Change is hard, but we can’t ignore the site’s instability, nor the momentum that the Fediverse is gaining.  

See you there!

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