11 August 2023

Encryptomatic Pst Viewer Lite 24 is Released

Pst Veiwer Lite box image

Encryptomatic Pst Viewer Lite has been updated.  Version 24 is a major update to our leading affordable email viewing software program for Windows desktop.  Pst Viewer Lite has now been updated to use the same powerful email rendering engine found in our top of the line MailDex email viewer. 

Current customers can upgrade with the software using the Update function.  A free trial can be downloaded from the Pst Viewer Lite 24 official product home page.

Pst Viewer Lite is an affordable yet capable email viewer. It works with Thunderbird MBOX emails, .eml, .msg, and Outlook PST/OST email files. Use Pst Viewer Lite to find important emails, and convert them individually to a PDF file.

Improvement list:

PVL-56 Improved check for updates
PVL-53 Fixed Attached EML files wont open
PVL-54 Resolved Favorites list does not display selected folder items
PVL-39 Resolved load file or assembly error
PVL-40 Resolved Activation failure issue
PVL-41 Resolved  aWarning that might appear during selecting a pst file
PVL-42 Resolved email preview issue
PVL-43 Resolved issue whereMail Actions generate an error
PVL-44 Fixed Save message as, Reply, Reply All, and properties are not available
PVL-45 Resolved Export to PDF does progress issue
PVL-46 Fixed Pressing cancel on an export to add to pdf freezes the program
PVL-48 Fixed Opening a message produces a blank window with the following critical error
PVL-49 Fixed issue with Printing where it could produce an error.
PVL-50 Resolved issue while Saving message as PDF
PVL-51 Resolved issue with Mail actions not working
PVL-52 Fixed issue where saving message as images failedEnhancements:
PVL-47 Update copyright on PVL
PVL-55 Refresh the theme
PVL-34 Misleading text when forwarding
PVL-36 Integrate a Buy Now! button instead of a link
PVL-37 Update system requirements
PVL-57 Change software name to PSTViewer Lite 24 where it merits
PVL-58 Add Webview 2 supportDocumentation on the product online manual is updated and changelog as well.

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