05 December 2023

Enabling Remote Image Viewing in Pst Viewer Pro 24

In the interest of the security and privacy of our customers, we made a change to Pst Viewer Pro 24.  As an email message is rendered in Pst Viewer Pro's viewing pane, very often images within the email are fetched from remote servers.  This process reveals the IP address of the computer where Pst Viewer Pro is running. 

Downloading remote images is off by default, but it is still available for those who wish to continue using it.  You simply have to enable it in Pst Viewer Pro's settings. The below screen shot shows you where the checkbox for this setting is located in the software.

This image shows the check box to enable email remote image viewing.

If you want to download remote images, we recommend using a VPN service to protect your IP address. An alternative to displaying images is to set Pst Viewer Pro to display the message in Plain Text by default.  This can be done in the View tab by selecting "Use Plain Text Body."

A screen image of Pst Viewer Pro that shows the location of the "Use Plain Text Body" button on the "View" tab.

Pst Viewer Pro email viewer/converter has many settings that let you customize and tweak how it operates.  We felt that turning "view images" off by default was the safest way forward for our customers.  But if you want to enable it, feel free to set your own defaults and make Pst Viewer Pro a tool that works the way you do.

For more information about Pst Viewer Pro email viewer/converter, or to download a 15 day free trial,  visit the official Pst Viewer Pro home page.

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