20 October 2014

PstViewer Pro maintenance release available.

PstViewer Pro email viewer for Microsoft Windows has been updated. 

For more information on PstViewer Pro, please visit https://www.encryptomatic.com/pstviewer/

Version 6.0.357.0

- 0003818: [Add] Date format “yyyy-MM-dd” 
- 0004336: [Add] Release license when PVP is uninstalled
- 0003892: [Add] Ability to print every message starting from new page 
- 0004329: [Fix] Crash on attempt to delete an email from pst file
- 0004005: [Fix] Error message when checking for updates 
- 0004175: [Fix] Error when exporting specific EML message 
- 0004212: [Fix] Registration from command line with PIDKEY parameter 
- 0004261: [Fix] Printing to PDF changes signature and font color 
- 0003819: [Fix] Date format is displayed as 12-hours 
- 0003542: [Fix] Folders like "Libraries" and "Control Panel" don't get opened in Explorer 
- 0003839: [Fix] Search for .MSG and .EML files 
- 0004108: [Fix] Search and Filter functions return different results on the same query 
- 0003946: [Fix] 24-hours format for Sent/Received time 

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