28 August 2012

Exporting Many Emails to a single PDF file with MessageExport add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

Continuing with our series on exporting MSG and PST-stored email messages to PDF files, today we will look at the capabilities of the MessageExport.

MessageExport is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010/2013 (32 and 64 bit).  It expands Outlook's export abilities. With MessageExport, you can convert one, or thousands,  of Outlook email messages to different formats, including PDF, MSG, EML, MHT, HTML, TXT, CSV (Excel), GIF, TIF, MBOX, Zip, etc.

MessageExport excels with Outlook to PDF conversion, and there are many combination that can be used.
For example you can export multiple emails to multiple pdf files, or you can choose to export multiple emails to one pdf.

To export many emails to PDF, the first thing you need to do is to select the emails you want to export in the Outlook mail list.  Next, from the MessageExport toolbar in Outlook select the export profile called, "Single PDF - Attachments Converted/Included." This profile will place all converted emails and file attachments within a single PDF file.  The emails will be arranged in the PDF as they are appear in your list.

Exporting Outlook email to a single PDF file with MessageExport. Picture shows toolbar.
MessageExport PDF profiles in Outlook Toolbar
  After selecting your email messages and the "Single PDF" export profile, click the blue Export button to start the process. MessageExport will go to work converting your selected email messages and their file attachments into a single PDF file.

Beware that exporting email and file attachments to a single PDF file can cause the PDF file to become very large, very quickly. Make sure you have plenty of disk space available. Generally, we recommend not going beyond 500 messages or so if you can help it, but we have successfully completed tests on thousands of messages. 

A free trial 15 day trial of MessageExport can be downloaded from the product home page. The only limitation on the trial is that a single batch is limited to 50 emails. This limitation does not exist after MessageExport is registered. After the 15 day free trial, you can choose to keep MessageExport installed if you wish. It will continue to operate after the trial, allowing you to export email Outlook email messages individually. You can activate the full version of the software any time by purchasing an activation code.

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