02 August 2012

Converting .PST files to .PDF files from the command line

Pst Viewer Pro can convert .pst files to .pdf files. We often get questions about how to get started using the capability.  A new technical article on our site describes how we recently worked with a client to accomplish a command line .pst to .pdf export, and the steps that were taken to modify an export profile.

Read it here.

Basically, every copy of PST Viewer Pro ships with a tool called PstViewerConsole that that probably 98% of our customers will never use. But the 2% who do use it really appreciate the flexibility and power it provides. Using PstViewerConsole.exe, you can call any of Pst Viewer Pro's export profiles from a batch file.  Those profiles can be customized to accomplish many very specific tasks.

This is just one of the many features of Pst Viewer Pro that make it such a useful tool for professionals.

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