15 December 2015

Becoming an Email-to-PDF Conversion Jedi

When Stars Wars launched in 1977, relatively few people had ever heard of email, let alone received one. Even though other forms of messaging have largely overtaken email in our personal lives, business and customer communications often are sent by email because of it's open characteristics. The same openness that has allowed spam to become a huge problem for email administrators is also what makes it useful for communicating with customers and others who want to do business with our organizations.

At Encryptomatic LLC, we are focused on helping our customers manage their e-mail content. One of the important tasks that help people perform is converting email into different formats. In particular, PDF portable document format.  PDF is everywhere. It's used for storing, organizing and sharing email across platforms.

Our customers frequently find our products after spending days trying to cobble together an email-to-pdf conversion solution. While installing a PDF print driver sounds like a reasonable way to go, and is often cited as the first method that our customers try,  the problems of this method quickly become aparent.

PDF print drivers just can't handle complex email formatting, and they don't offer the functionality that quickly becomes an obvious need:
  • They don't provide custom file naming, forcing you to manually name the files
  • They can't handle email file attachments automatically
  • They can't export email in bulk
  • Bulk exported email can't be organized in subfolders
  • and so on...
Encryptomatic LLC offers products that push the traditional limitations on email conversion, addressing all of the aforementioned problems.  Ten years of listening to our customers and dealing with their issues have helped us to develop an uncommon set of products that help you get your email conversion work done accurately and quickly.

Email messages that can not be accurately read, printed or converted by competitor's products will probably render just fine in our software. If they don't, let us know and we will code a fix.  Over the years our developers have discovered and coded solutions into our products for hundreds of unique and uncommon format exceptions that exist in the wild.

Yes, there are published email specifications that if respected to by all developers would make life much easier for software developers.  The reality,  however is that there are many email clients and applications that produce poorly formatted email content.  Our email rendering engine, MVCOM is probably the most accurate and expansive product of its type ever developed.  MVCOM drives the rendering of email content in PstViewer Pro, and MsgViewer Lite, two of our email viewing products.

For Microsoft Windows Office Outlook users, MessageExport  vastly expands and simplifies converting Outlook email to PDF and many other formats.  It lets you automate routine email export tasks, and perform PDF conversion with uncommon simplicity and utility.

Screen image of MessageExport toolbar in Outlook 2016.
MessageExport add-in for Outlook.

We hope you'll take our products for a test drive. They are well worth the price. It will not take you very long to recover your investment in our products in time savings and productivity.  The average moderately-heavy MessageExport user recovers their investment in about one week.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to post any questions for us here. We love to hear from you.

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