19 July 2012

Introducing Pst Viewer Lite, our new Outlook .pst viewer

Encryptomatic LLC has released Pst Viewer Lite, a viewer for Outlook .pst, .msg and .ost files. It also lets you view .eml, .mht, .mhtml and winmail.dat files.

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Outlook .PST Viewer - Pst Viewer Lite

With Pst Viewer Lite, you can search, print and export email. Export formats include PDF with file attachment conversion, jpg, gif, tif, msg, txt, and others.

Pst Viewer Lite is very similar to it's big brother, Pst Viewer Pro. The main difference between the two is the quantity of email that they can export. If you won't be exporting thousands of emails, then Pst Viewer Lite may be a good choice for you. Click to compare our Outlook .pst viewers.

Download a free trial of Pst Viewer Lite.

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