25 August 2011

MessageViewer Lite maintenance release 3.3.0 now available.

Encryptomatic LLC today announced an update to MessageViewer Lite, our .msg/.eml email viewer.  This maintenance update (version 3.3.0) updates the email parsing engine, improves automatic product updating and resolves a registration error.

Current users can receive the update through MessageViewer Lite's automatic update function.  For more information or to download a free trial, visit the product home page at https://encryptomatic.com/msgviewer/lite/

MessageViewer Lite is a simple viewer for .eml and .msg file email content. It installs as the Windows default handler for .msg and .eml email files, allowing users to open emails simply by clicking on them. MessageViewer Lite has an advanced email parsing engine that allows it to accurate render very complexly formatted email messages.

CHANGELOG for MessageViewer Lite Outlook email viewer - 3.3.0
- 0002346: [Fix] Unable to open msg file in Outlook that was saved from msg file bug
- 0001948: [Fix] Registration Error: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x8000FFFF): Can't load QLM COM component at MVCOM.LibraryClass.SetLicens
- 0001713: [Add] Ability to turn off auto-update via command-line during installation

- 0001668: [Internal] Email address for error reports

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