30 November 2012

Online .MSG Viewer Opens Emails in your web browser

Image shows a screenshot of the free online .msg .eml email file viewer at Encrytomatic.com/viewer/
Free Online .Msg .Eml Email Viewer by Encryptomatic LLC

Encryptomatic LLC has launched Msg Viewer Online, a free viewer for opening Outlook .msg files online.  This tool allows anyone who has a .msg, .eml or winmail.dat file to upload the file and see the contents in their web browser.  The names of file attachments in the email are displayed, and can be downloaded by clicking on the file name.

All uploaded messages are deleted shortly after the session ends, and no information is retained or collected from the uploaded message.

If you would like to Msg Viewer Online, go to https://www.encryptomatic.com/viewer/

Msg Viewer Online uses the same email rendering engine used in Encryptomatic's email viewers, including Pst Viewer Pro, Pst Viewer Lite and MessageViewer. This viewer is a demonstration of Encryptomatic's MVCOM email component. There is no cost to use Msg Viewer Online.

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